3 Last Minute DIY Valentine Garlands.


If yall are anything like me you have a craft stash? My husband went hunting this weekend and I pulled together a bunch of odds and ends to make 3 very cute garlands. They make the house more festive I even took one to work…. Don’t worry don’t have a lot of this at home? If not most of this can be bought at the dollar store for very very cheap.

When it comes to crafting & cooking I always try to do Pretty, Cheap and easy !

All of these were so simple and creating with my glue gun. 

Supplies I Used:

Glue Gun





Pine Cones



Spray Glue

laci 1 Laci 2 Laci 3


For the felt garland I cut a lot of triangles at one time they don’t have to be perfect.

I painted just the tips of the pine cones with a regular paint brush different shades of pink.

Hot glued the tops on the pine cone directly onto string.

The spray glue is very powerful so I placed the feathers in tin-foil to spray them and then added the glitter so it wouldn’t go everywhere.

Put tiny holes in the feather stems to string them on.

I glued the felt triangles together back to back with the glue directly on the string.

Laci 7 Laci 6 Laci 5

This was so fun and easy anyone can do this do not be intimidated !!

Laci 4 Laci 9 Laci 10

Thanks so much for coming by !!! It’s means so much Happy Valentine’s Day !!

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  1. Christie says

    These are adorable. :3 I've always loved the idea of using pinecones as décor, and I especially love how you've used the feathers here. :) Christie's Take on Life. x
  2. says

    This is so fun and festive! The pinecones are a perfect touch!
  3. says

    I LOVE the pine cone garland! Once we move this weekend, making one of those would make for a great crafting session with my toddlers! Girl, you always are so creative!!!
  4. says

    OMG, these are so cute! I never thought of pinecones for Valentines Day, very unique!
  5. says

    What a neat idea! I love the pine cones especially! I have a Valentine's Day craft waiting to be done with some stuff I got on clearance at Michael's! It only costed $2 :) I just hope I'm able to get around to it before Valentines =/
  6. says

    Oh my gosh ! I love this it's seriously the cutest idea ever. I'm gonna have to see if hubby is up for it. Lol!
  7. thecraftysideofsarcasm says

    That's too cute! I hope you and the kiddo's have a great valentine's day.
  8. says

    Very creative! I have a box of pine cones hanging out in my garage. This would be a perfect use for them.
  9. says

    Love the feathers. I'm the least crafty person out there but I feel like I could handle this!
  10. says

    How super cute did this garland turn out?! I love the idea of decorating with pinecones, so this is a must! Thank you for sharing this great diy!
  11. brittanyputman15 says

    I usually think of pinecones for Christmas but this is really cute!
  12. fonyob says

    I love these ideas. It can be made easily with kids too, maybe my five would enjoy them too.
    • Laci Carlson says

      Yes !! Mine helped :)
  13. says

    How pretty! I never really decorate for Valentine's Day but these are so cute I might have to try them. Thanks for sharing!
  14. says

    These are adorable!! :) I love the pinecones
  15. The Southern Thing says

    So cute! I never really decorate for Valentine's Day, but I should!
  16. says

    I love this! Such a simple DIY project and great way to decorate the house for Valentine's day! liz @ j for joiner
  17. says

    Those are so cute! I love the idea of using pine cones, it's so unique!
  18. says

    They are super cute!!! Love how much effort you are putting to prepare http://siniciliya.com/
  19. Rachel G says

    Really cute, simple way to make the room a little more festive!
  20. says

    These are cute - I think my favorite is the one with pinecones!
  21. says

    Love all of these. They look so easy to do. The pine cone one is my favorite.
  22. says

    Love the feather garland. That would be great to mix in with my tassel garland in my office. xx Merisa | Monogrammed Magnolias
  23. Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie says

    What a simple and adorable idea! I know the kids would just love this and it's a great use of pinecones too! Looking forward to Valentine's day...love all the pink and red decor :)
  24. says

    I lI've the pine cone garland. I would have never thought of that for a Valentine's Day decoration. Super cute!
  25. says

    I like pretty, cheap, and easy too!! I love the glitter on the feathers, but I really love the look of all three together! And I have got tons of felt still so something like that felt garland would be perfect for me!
  26. Susannah says

    This is cute! I really like the pinecone strand! <3
  27. says

    This is so cute! And seems perfect for people who are craft-challenged, like me!

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