4 Layer Strawberry Dessert.

1.30 Four Layer Strawberry Dessert FINAL 7

Not only is this dessert SO CUTE but it’s also really good ! This is perfect for a baby/wedding shower or a cute birthday party. And I know at first look you may think that is to hard and takes way to much effort but I promise it’s easy yall know I do EASY.  Take a few seconds and look at the directions you won’t be sorry !! I have also made this just for me and my daughter for a special fun day treat.

1.30 Four Layer Strawberry Dessert VERTICAL 7

What You Need:

1.30 Four Layer Strawberry Dessert PROCESS 1

Layer 1 —-
2 c. Graham Cracker Crumbs
1 Stick Butter, Melted
2 T. Powdered Sugar
Layer 2 —-
8 oz Cream Cheese
1 c. Whipped Cream
1/2 c. Powdered Sugar
Layer 3 —

1 – Package of Instant Strawberry Pudding

2 c. Milk
Layer 4 —
2 c. Whipped Cream
Chopped Pecans or Graham Cracker Crumbs for Garnish.

How To Create:

1.30 Four Layer Strawberry Dessert PROCESS 2

Mix 1st layer ingredients and press into a 9×13″ baking dish. Place in refrigerator to cool for approximately 30 minutes or in freezer to quick cool for approximately 10 minutes. 
Make pudding according to package instructions and refrigerate. Mix together second layer ingredients. Spread second, third, and fourth layers in order onto the graham cracker crust. Garnish with graham cracker crumbs or chopped pecans. Refrigerate for one hour or more and serve.
1.30 Four Layer Strawberry Dessert PROCESS 3 1.30 Four Layer Strawberry Dessert PROCESS 4
Easy right ?? And totally worth it !
Hope you love it we do !!! Let me know if you have any questions.
thanks so much for stopping by

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  1. says

    This looks so delicious and easy to make! I will have to whip up some of these for a family treat. I am sure everyone would love them!
  2. says

    I love treats that look pretty and look like they took a long time to make but really were really easy! My best friend just told me she was pregnant so if she ends up having a little girl this would be perfect for a little dessert!
  3. stuckinscared says

    WOW, this looks lovely.. almost too pretty to eat. Only 'almost' though ;)
  4. says

    This looks absolutely delicious! Perfect for my girl's weekend coming up at the end of the month.
  5. says

    Looks like such a decadent, fun dessert! Just in time for Valentine's! <3
  6. says

    These look delicious and something fun my kids could help with. Ive been loving your recipes since I found your site!
  7. says

    This seems SO easy and looks absolutely amazing!! I MUST try this!! :)
  8. says

    This is such a cute dessert and easy enough I think I could do it! Pinning it now because I have to try this soon!
  9. brittanyputman15 says

    That looks delicious! I am pinning this for later.
  10. Kimberly Farrally says

    Oh my goodness....this looks so incredibly delicious....and soooo pretty! Definitely sharing and bookmarking for reference!!
  11. says

    This look amazing and so easy! I think even I could do this so I'll need to give it a try sometime :) Although with it being winter I think I'll wait until it gets a bit warmer :)
  12. says

    Oh my goodness! This looks so delicious and refreshing! I can't wait to make this next time I have the girls over!
  13. says

    These are so amazingly cute. I'm going to make them for my Valentine's Day brunch. Thanks so much for sharing.
  14. says

    these treats look so amazing wonderful. I love the amazing colors and think that they would make a great party treat as well come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com
  15. says

    Looks yummy!! And I love the break up with the texture of the smooth pudding and the crunch from the graham crackers!

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