String Light Projects

Adding more lights to your home’s interior will make your next party sparkle. To get the best effect, though, you should choose a concept that has worked well for many others. Start by thinking about how these four ideas would make your party more fun. Once you find the option that you like most, you can customize it to match your specific tastes.

Put Lights Inside Bottles and Jars

Image via Flickr by Anthony Quintano

Don’t let colorful wine bottles and decorative jars go to waste. Give them new lives by filling them with electric lights.

You have a couple of options when illuminating a bottle or jar. You can drop one or two individual lights inside to give the glass a subtle glow, or you can fill it with a string of lights that will shine brightly. Sometimes, it is difficult to thread an entire string of lights into a bottle, so you may want to make this decision based on the mouth’s size.

Replicate the Clear Night Sky

A lot of people feel more comfortable dancing and socializing when the lights are low. Bright lights can make them feel too exposed to let loose and have fun. Instead of turning on a room’s overhead lights, cover the ceiling with strings of Christmas lights that will cast a soft illumination over the room.

Depending on the kind of party you want to host, you could replicate a clear night sky with white lights, or you could take a different approach by using a variety of colors. You can find all kinds of colorful strings at Christmas Lights, Etc, so you don’t have to settle for anything other than the perfect strand of lights for your party.

Brighten Centerpieces With Holiday Lights

Every dinner party needs a centerpiece that ties the room’s decorations together. Adding holiday lights to your centerpiece will give your party a fun vibe that lasts well after the meal is finished. As people get up from the table to socialize with each other, turn the overhead lights down. The centerpiece’s lights will keep the table illuminated so your guests can find snacks and drinks throughout the evening.

Make a Twinkle Board

If you don’t mind spending a little time and money on your party’s decorations, you can make a twinkle board. Twinkle boards are pieces of wood that have been decorated with lights to spell words. You can choose any word or image that you want, but it makes sense to choose something that honors the holiday. Perhaps you can make a Christmas tree shape under the phrase “Happy Holidays.” Of course, you should feel free to follow your own instincts.

To finish this project, you’ll need a wooden board, drill, lights, and a printer. Print out the image that you want to put on the board. Place the paper over the board and drill holes along the image’s outline. Then, you just push the lights into the holes to create a unique decoration.

As the party season approach’s, prepare for your party by discovering new ways to use Christmas lights as indoor decorations. They’ll make your event stand out as something special.

Have Fun and don’t put those lights away just yet!!

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