5 Things That Should Leave With 2015.


Happy New Year Ya’ll !!! Now that we have figured out what we want out of 2016 let’s talk about what we wouldn’t mind NOT seeing anymore ! I have listed what I want to see go with 2015. Below are my top 5 !


1. I Like Big Butts & I Can’t Deny:

Yes, I even like big butts on a female and a few curves never hurt anyone. But come on !!! Everyone does not want a big butt and this is not their #1 goal in life. So all the songs, commercials, bigger butt panties & the celebrities need to take it down a notch. Not every small butt human needs to “eat a sandwich”. Love the inside not the out. I keep seeing “specials” for butt panties kinda scary.

2. Women Play Nice:

Ever heard the quote ” I’m not in competition with anyone I want to see everyone succeed”. Well that’s been my motto for years. I’m a woman that loves to see other women soar and over achieve and look stunning and can tell them so. Stop being so mean, catty, sneaky and secretly jealous !! In the blogging world you even run into this it’s very odd to me like there is power in women building each other up.

3. Oh I’m Sorry Did I Offend You?

So what !!! 2015 was the year for the American people to literally be offended by EVERYTHING !!! Red cups, old navy toddler shirt, Donald Trump, guns, white people, black people, pink people, police officers and the list is so long it’s rediclious !!! I mean the way I see it what others do is none of my business unless it directly affects me or my family. Do you really want to be the person that fights against the topics I listed above ? Not me !!! I much rather choose child abuse, drug use, homeless etc… Fight for what you love not for what you hate ! Geez !! And I know some people suck and hate to just hate but be thankful you don’t have to be around them if you choose not to, and hopefully meet very few!!


4. I Can Only See Your Eyebrows:

Ummmmm, maybe it’s just me but 100% drawn on eyebrows are very odd and distracting… (Unless it’s of course needed for like chemo treatment etc..) Its like when I’m talking to someone with 100% drawn on eyebrows I want to lick my thumb and rub a little off! I love shaped and neat eyebrows and even some of the 100% ones look great but its still so odd to me! So maybe a mix of hair and drawn on could do the trick for me. Keep some HAIR please !


5. Entitlement Queen.

Yes, I totally understand sometimes we feel entitled to a pay raise, a husband that’s 100% perfect, parents that will drop everything to babysit, friends that will only listen and not talk, sponsored blog post, and so on !!! I am guilty of this as well but I’m trying to turn any of my entitlement feelings into gratefulness !! We are really not “entitled” to one single thing.

What would you love to see disappear in 2015 ?? I would live to hear I bet I would agree on most !
I had a aweosme 2015 and I’m claiming 2016 to be even better !! Cheers here’s to us !!
Thanks so much for coming by it means more than you know and I read every single comment !!

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    My butt needs to GO! I definitely need to work on reducing the size this year.
  2. says

    So on point! can we stop the hate! Life is much better without it.Thanks
  3. says

    This post is hilarious and spot on!! I would like to see distasteful crop tops and people wearing leggings as pants go.
    • Laci Carlson says

      hahaH YES !!! PLEASE
  4. says

    the offense is strong with this country, but its not only this country. its all over the world and the thing is, it's being taught by parents. and it's f**king annoying. seriously wanna slap everyone who's offended by something as stupid as a CUP!!!
  5. says

    Oh my gosh, drawn on eyebrows drive me crazy! I like to see other women succeed too, if I know them or not. It seems like everyone is always getting their feelings hurt, you can't please everyone, sheesh. Hah, those people need to get tougher. Happy Tuesday!
  6. says

    Spot on! We can certainly leave all these things behind in 2015.
  7. says

    My butts ok, its my belly that needs to go ....just sayin lol. I can admit I have been on the entitlement queen before but I have definitely been working on changing that.
  8. says

    I feel the same way about eyebrows - they are getting way too much attention for my taste lately! What is it with the eyebrows? I love well shaped brows as well and I do color mine in a bit. A bit! Maybe that's the key. Thanks for such a fun read!
  9. says

    I'm not a huge fan of the marker brow, yes I fill mine in but I dont like the extreme some girls (and boys) go to when there isn't anything wrong with their natural brow!
  10. says

    So appreciate your post! I don't care about butts but I would like to see more curvy women on magazines. Anorexic ones just don't cut it for me nor do they entice me to buy a product. Racism needs to stop and we need to unite as human beings in America versus people of different color and religions. WTF is wrong with people? The eyebrows, oh yes, I can relate. I know many that drawn them on and to each his/her own. However, I'm not a fan. I more of a gold natural and wild with a pluck her and there. Thanks for sharing this!
  11. says

    I want to see my belly go. I also want to see political correctness take a hike.
  12. says

    LOL yes let's say goodbye! I completely agree with the butt thing...what is up with this fake butt obsession? The drawn in eyebrows drive me nuts too...I think accentuated natural eyebrows are beautiful!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Ha me to I can't help it.
  13. says

    Haha loved this so true drawn on eyebrows freak me out and I don't understand why people need to hate all the time!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Ha ! For real its so exhausting !! Thx for coming by !!!
  14. says

    Lol! I used to draw my eyebrows on in high school! Now I only draw over top of my real eyebrows.
  15. says

    I'm hoping that in 2016 people can learn to treat others as they want to be treated. The entire "all lives matter" movement and the differential treatment of minorities by people of power is exhausting. If people would stop and just think how they would feel if it were them, I swear we would all be better off.
  16. says

    As the least PC person in the country, I offend all around... beware. lol. Love this. Thanks for sharing.
  17. says

    I think you hit the nail on the head with all of these. The "everyone needs to please me" attitude just needs to stop. That is what makes everyone unique and different and if we want to be accepted for being different, then maybe we need to accept everyone else because they are different to. I laughed at the big butts one too. Seriously, people just need to accept their own body types and stop trying to disguise who they are.
  18. says

    I could not agree with you more! People who are too easily offended are my biggest pet peeve! I am ready to see this political correctness to die down a bit.
  19. says

    My stomach needs to go big time and I wish I could have left that in 2015. Political correctness is getting out of hand lol
  20. says

    As time goes on people trying to be politically corrected has become to being people being overly sensitive. Don’t be a dick but don’t be a crybaby. Somethings are actual hate or crimes or wrong….some are opinions, mistakes or misinterpretations. Try to recognize the difference people. If you want a big butt you can have some of mine lol ANYONE! I get it to each his own and if they wanna make songs about their likes it doesn’t bother me lol I do feel like too much women are pitted against each other (even if by themselves). That’s one of my favorite parts of the blogger community, the support you see. We all recognize there can be more than one lol you don’t have to put someone down to build yourself up.
  21. christyfleener says

    This was an entertaining read! I definitely agree with you on the draw on eyebrows! I've never understood that! I have a big butt and I dislike it so I find it funny when slim butted girls want a big booty! Blaming it all on Kim K.. although her but is wayy bigger than mine! Haha! Moral of the story... Merica leave the selfishness behind!
  22. says

    Yes!! All of it needs to be history! Especially those drawn on eyebrows. Eeek! Can we leave the whip nae nae in 2015? That would be awesome...
    • Laci Carlson says

      yes please def the nae nae as well !!!
  23. says

    #3 for sure. I definitely agree with that one 100% xoxo, Jenny
  24. says

    I agree with lots of these! The whole big butts thing is so weird, I don't get it at all. I think we should just be proud of the bodies we have and not be dictated to by the media!
  25. says

    i agree that these are all things that can stay in 2016 esp #1 which i blame the kardashians for
  26. says

    These are great! I am particularly disturbed by people who are offended by anything.
  27. says

    I almost laughed out loud when I read the part about the eyebrows.....I know a few women that do that and like you, I want to rub it off or at least make a smudge! LOL Love it!
    • Laci Carlson says

      hahah so you def know how I feel love it !!!
  28. says

    These are great things to get rid of. I don't like big butts, too, but I'd also like to say goodbye to my belly fat.
  29. says

    I agree with all of these but really, the big butt??? Who ever would want one? I think they look hideous and sometimes I wonder how they sit on the toilet!!!!
  30. says

    2016....No more war ...Ok I am a dreamer lol. We are living in a society that is vain....People pay for these things big butt not for me to each is own...Ones personal choice.
  31. says

    These are great! If I see another pair of pants with a Brazilian Bum lift I'm going to scream! lol and those eyebrows are so DISTRACTING!
  32. says

    I would love to have left it all in 2015, my butt, but here I am and I am working on it. So I can almost guarantee it will be left behind in 2016. Thanks for sharing.
  33. Susan Moseley says

    I agree with the eyebrows, and I surely need to reduce the rear.
  34. Debra says

    Seriously! I am so sick of people being offended by absolutely everything! I always try to see something in the light it was intended!
  35. says

    The extreme political correctness has gone overboard. I'm so annoyed by the fact that almost everything seems to be offended by something. Enough!
  36. says

    I'm so with you on why is everyone so offended by every stinking little thing! You can't say anything without someone freaking out. It drives me bonkers.
  37. evakidminds says

    I am pro-choice! People can do whatever they want to do: draw on their eyebrows or sing about big butts. As long as they don't break the law, it's all fine with me.
  38. says

    Live and let live. Mind my own business. Those are some of my guiding principles for a long time now and will continue to be. My butt is fine. :)
  39. says

    I totally agree with all your points. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. :)
  40. says

    I totally agree about the eyebrows! Instagram brows are becoming a big trend and I'm so sad because honestly, they look too intense and drawn on to me!
  41. Elizabeth O. says

    I definitely agree with your list, those should all be out by this year, especially the one about being offended by everything! Ugh. That's just too much. We have to be better than this.
  42. says

    I actually do agree with most of what you want to disappear--especially all the hating of everybody and thing!! As for the butts and eye brows--if someone really wants a big butt or wants to re draw their eyebrows--who am I to complain?
  43. says

    who doesn't like to look good and feel good? hahaha let's all work out to achieve our better version this 2016
  44. says

    I agree about all these, especially the messy hair. I hope 2016 is better for all of us.
  45. says

    the eyebrows!!!! man, there are some hideous eyebrows out there. what's with big butts anyway? I agree with, women should stand together always!
  46. says

    There's nothing cute about fake, drawn-on eyebrows. So scary looking and distracting!
  47. says

    There are LOTS of things I want to leave in 2015, but they just seem to keep following me, my big BUTT is one of them. ;)
  48. says

    Great post! I would really love to see people who think they are entitled to never be offended go away.
  49. says

    Number 1 and 4 are two of my pet peeves! I prat I don't see any but the Social Media Forces are strong! I will definitely share this post! Seriously no big butt tutorials and no crayola eyebrows... I'm literally laughing out loud! You made my day!
  50. says

    These are all great! I especially agree with everyone being so dang offended, that needs to go!
  51. says

    #4 I'm still laughing xD Great post :) In 2016 I won't think twice before cutting the negative cords :) Hoping 2016 to be the Best for me and everyone :)
  52. says

    Definitely a few things here that I would rather stay in 2015 as well! Great post!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Hahahhaah !!! No kidding thanks for coming by !!
  53. says

    Oh yes!! All of these are definitely going bye bye this year.. haha
  54. says

    Haha! Great post - on point, girl! I've got nooooo butt, so I'm totally on board for the big butt craze to disappear this year. And I'm with you on the drawn-on eyebrows. What the? :)
  55. says

    Goodbye 2015! It can keep the following with it: Whip & Nay-Nay (well, almost all the rap "music" too), Mommy Wars, fake hipster glasses, and side shaved women's haircuts.. And I totally agree about the eyebrows! They're just creepy and unnecessary. I'm excited about 2016, and pray that people bring common sense back! Oh... and leggings can stay, like, forever as long as people learn to cover their butt (big or small) :)
  56. says

    I so agree with you on the women being nice to each other thing!! I saw a tweet from a girl blogger the other day who said, "you know that we don't have to support other bloggers right?" And I couldn't help but think to myself, really? You want people to support you but you don't want to support them back. Good luck with that. I just felt like it was so catty and I think the more we try to lift each other up instead of tear each other down, the better off we all will be.
    • Laci Carlson says

      exactly !!! ppl like that blow my mind !! esp knowing how it is on this side wow just wow !!
  57. says

    I hate how offended everyone got by everything. It's annoying and makes talking difficult.
  58. says

    The drawing your eyebrows on and filling them in like crazy thing does need to stop! i hate when I see a perfectly lovely girl and her eyebrows look super fake. Especially when they are squared off.... no!! I hope this trend goes away, along with contouring! http://communicationisdifficult.com/2015/12/28/walking-downtown-orlando-giveaway/
  59. Angie@chasingmyhalo says

    Love it all! Haha, now my wheels are turning too....duck lips perhaps? Lol
  60. says

    Being offended by everything...why is that?! I mean, I understand that sometimes things are offensive...but can we just move on from it!?
  61. says

    wow! this post is SO offensive! (haha-totally kidding!) I love this! 2016 really was the year for some insanely ridiculous behavior! I can appreciate a good butt game but I agree the "big butt panties" gotta go! Happy 2016 love!
    • Laci Carlson says

      hahaha love it !!!!
  62. says

    I agree, fight for what you love. And I haven't heard of butt panties, but you made me laugh. :)
  63. says

    This is so true!! This is the year that I decrease my biggest butt not flaunt it. Great post. Made me chuckle so much that I snorted and scared my pup. Lol. Good times
  64. says

    I'd love to say goodbye to the abdominal fats I've accumulated since this holiday season. But I can't say goodbye to my healthy appetite! :)
  65. says

    Crop tops! My belly [ probably the reason I hate seeing crop tops everywhere! lol ] . Everyone getting offended over EVERYTHING!
  66. says

    This list made me think and giggle all at once which is my total cup of tea. Thanks for the great read on this Thursday morning!
  67. Susannah says

    Oh goodness, filled in eyebrows that are way too much have totally got to go. And big butts... Well... My big butt has got to go. ;-)
  68. says

    Everybody being offended by every little thing! We can't talk to people anymore!
  69. says

    I agree with a lot of these things! Also, insane contouring a la Kim Kardashian...
  70. says

    my stomache is my problem area, that and dry skin I would love to get rid of them both
  71. says

    Wow you are an awesome blogger! Didn't know what I was missing!!! I so enjoyed reading every bit of this. I do agree about all the big butt hype and all the jealousy between women. Love love love ❤️
    • Laci Carlson says

      hahaha !!! Thanks so much !!!! :) readers like you make my day !!!!
  72. says

    I love this post girlie! So long 2015 and hello 2016! Hope you have a great year girl!
  73. says

    I think I could easily agree with the five you described. I'd also like to see less of ME (as in, lose about 50 lbs) and less clutter (one of my main goals for 2016). Thanks for a fun post!
  74. says

    Oh my! I've been also noticing people being so offended and others judging! And it is an international thing

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