Bachelorette Premier Party + Printables


Who needs a reason to entertain and make cute drinks ??

Let’s pick our favorite’s and root for those who are single and ready to mingle !!

What better way to start off this season by watching it with friends & family make it fun and festive let’s have a premier party !!! For Bachelorette 2015 !!

All the printables you will need are all right here and customized with everyone in mind and super user-friendly !

Pick a few finger foods or get everyone to being something.

I will be using all the printables I made and shared here… I’m going to put them in cute white picture frames. And then hand out the one that guest can use for notes.

My menu will be:
Assortment of chocolate.
Mini Sandwiches.
Wine Bar.
Smoothie Bar.






All the printables are PDF and ready to be printed on regular printer paper.

Straw Flags
Team Britt
Team Kaitlyn
Bachelorette 2015

FIND   LOVE (click each letter)

** All printables are not pictured click on all links to get the full package.



I hope yall have so much fun !!! And please send in all pictures after the party !!


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  1. says

    Cute party ideas! I feel so removed from bachelorette days. :) I hopped over here from the Blog Love Project. I love your theme! (And it's so true!)
  2. says

    Love your post! The printouts will surly make an adorable + fun environment for the event! I personally do not watch the Bachlorette show however this would be a fun way to watch any series! I love your menu, snacks to nibble on and sandwiches as well! Hope you enjoy the season and your weekend!
  3. says

    I am obsessed with the Bachelor and have been watching since the first season! Can't wait for the next season and the "twist". Thanks for the fun party ideas - might have to host my own this season :) Thanks for sharing at #ConfessionsLinkUp
  4. says

    It looks like fun for a party. Kathleen Fridays Blog Booster Party I just changed your post over you must have accidentally put it on the Pinterest Pin Linky. It's all good now. Hope you have more to share next week.
  5. travelanimaldr says

    That menu sounds delicious. Bruschetta and chocolate? I would find love, AT YOUR PARTY.
  6. says

    I haven't watched the bachelorette in a while but if there was a party like this, I might just start again! Thanks for linking up #ConfessionsLinkUp
  7. says

    Thanks so much for sharing it at my Sharing Time link party. I really appreciate your participation.
  8. says

    It's always fun to party it up with a favorite show! Thanks for being a super co-host at the #HomeMattersParty -- we love having you on the team! :) ~Lorelai Life With Lorelai
  9. says

    I have lost track of this show but I really enjoy it. I hope to see the premiere. Hope you have a great party! Glad to be co-hosting with you at #HomeMattersParty
  10. says

    I didn't realize how popular this show I'm not sure who the last two girls are, but I wish them both luck.
  11. Kelly Meier says

    Cute ideas! I haven't watched this show in years, but I always know when there's a new season because twitter blows up the night it's on! Thanks for sharing at the Creative Inspiration link party!

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