Back To School With Box Tops

Happy back to school days!! I mean wasn’t is JUST summer? Yes… It was but life and learning must go own. Every school year I start back with a plan!!! Not to mention I’m PTO president at my son’s local elementary school and well in a small town like mine that’s a BIG deal so yes I get VERY excited about BOX TOPS!!! I admit before I really dug into the school days and being so involved with PTO. I had no idea how awesome they were and just how much they really DO help and I mean big help not just new glue sticks y’all I’m talking…. Computers, tables, field trips, books, supplies the list could go on forever!!!

So please allow me to teach you the ropes and where you can find the best box tops and do the most good!! @costco!

First things 1st:

  • Find the way you like to collect and save the box tops to turn in we use the cut out method and glue stick it to a cute sheet to take in prob not as easy as throwing in a jar but the kids love to clip and glue so I include them too. I have included my favorite one below and the link where to get your copy.


Next on to #2:

  • Where to shop to get the most bang for your buck and the best box tops ever!!! When it comes to Back-To-School shopping there is NOTHING cheap y’all I mean tell me if I’m wrong… so go to Costco for the best values and to get supplies that have the Box Tops on them and there is no better place to stock up on everything we have to have!!

#3 My Box Top Pick Items:

  • You will find so many items with box tops now that you’re paying attention but I want to include my 3 favorite here and I get these same 3 every year no matter what along with all my other items but who don’t have favorites right??

This is my 1st pick and they are amazing for EVERYTHING ya’ll!!! These are also normally on the teacher’s “Wish List” of items so go ahead grab these and get in on the good side!! They last forever and can double as a pencil box, sheet protector, snack bags for whole class, Hey you can even use one to collect your box tops!!!


A lot of teachers/moms I know even organize with these bags because they are such heavy duty.

My second pick is: Fruit by the foot I know I know it’s a fruit roll up but the kids love it and they deserve to have a few treats on the shelves for after school snacking and once again we have fun with this item. Last year I used the cute printables below to add to the fruit roll and gave out to my daughter’s class it was a huge hit!!

And my 3rd fav item would have to be: Lucky charms I mean not only did I love them my whole life growing up I still eat them as a dry snack as my day job out of a cup!! This is perfect for book bag snacks and fun treats!!! My next lucky charms collaboration will be a neat lucky charm trail mix can’t wait to try I think I’ve created everything with lucky charms why not!!


So now you know what you have to do and why!!!! And if that’s not enough here are a few Box Tops Facts that I know to be 100% true and why you should clip and save for your local school!!!

  • Easy.
  • On most items you buy already.
  • Teachers, PTO and the local schools really do appreciate it.
  • Bought tables for our whole 1st grade last year.
  • Costco has EVERYTHING I mean who doesn’t like to shop.
  • It shows a little extra mile and the teachers know you’re a caring parent.

OH….. AND NOW THERE IS AN AMAZING Sweepstaes…. REASON #943728 to get those BOX TOPS!

Costco and Box Tops is inviting you to share your Back-To-School experience with the Inspire Imagination Box Top program taking place now at your local Costco.

Entering is EASY to do and you could be one of 3,000 WINNERS! 

How to Enter Costco Sweeps:

  • Take a photo about how Box Tops for Education inspires imagination in your kidInstagram or Twitter
  • Can upload to microsite as well but is not the preferred way of entry
  • Preferred ways of entry:
  • Follow @BTFE on Twitter or Instagram (this is how winner will be notified so must follow this handle)
  • Share and use hashtag: #InspireContest
  • Prize: 3,000 Costco members will win. Each winner will win 100 Box Tops for their school
  • Sweeps will not include/do not engage in e-box tops*

What items will you pick? Let me know your thoughts on the whole BOX TOP idea and what it’s done for your school!!!



Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Costco in conjunction with Box Tops 4 Education however you can tell how strongly I feel about the whole box top deal I mean come on I’m PTO president.

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