Boating Fun On The Lake & Ocean.

We live in Georgia and it’s summer time! Every song on the radio is talking about a boat and getting on the water for some fun. We agree LIFE IS BETTER ON THE WATER. Having fun on the water means way more family time and everyone loving it that’s a win-win. It’s almost what I would consider traditions it’s our life it’s what we do.

Last summer we went to Key West, FL and rented a boat and it was worth every penny. Fishing, Diving, Snorkeling, and the views were to die for!

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We have always been a family that loves to have fun and explore and having access to a boat gives us ton’s of ways to have fun and do new things, such as going on a san diego whale watching holiday. And the people you meet along the way are awesome to!

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After this Florida trip we knew we needed a boat we always rent but as much as we love it and the time we spend on the water it was time. But I did some major research and the best place I found to help with that is DISCOVERBOATING

**Discover Boating is a national, nonprofit program on behalf of the US recreational boating industry aimed to help people get on the water to experience the fun of boating. For those looking to get their feet wet, DiscoverBoating is an unbiased online resource packed with easy, interactive features on all things boating, including a boat selector tool, get on the water tab where you can find rentals, classes and charters, cost comparison tool, renting options, youth boating programs, education courses – even nautical lingo and how-to videos.


Not convinced yet that you need a boat that’s okay I got you covered see below for our boat loving fun @ the lake! Be sure to purchase travel insurance from a service like One Sure Insurance if you are travelling the world by boat!

Now when you get me on the lake I love having fun like hooking the water board up to the boat…. But my all time favorite is going to a neat water fall something just draws me in I love it !

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Now go get on a boat and have some major fun!

Don’t miss out this summer have dome boating fun!!!

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  1. says

    Wow! It looks like you had an incredible time. I've never heard of Discover Boating until this post. What a fantastic program. I'll definitely have to check them out.
  2. says

    My guys love fishing, and we're planning to head to FL next spring! This would be an amazing experience for them to do a charter for the day. Being from MN we love getting out on the lakes. We're in MD now, and don't get to see the water very often.
  3. says

    That water looks so gorgeous! I'm hoping to head back down to the keys pretty soon for some boating time :) Checking out Discover Boating now, it looks like they have some wonderful resources!
  4. says

    I haven't been out on a boat since I was a kid, but my brother in law just bought one this year - so that's about to change :)
  5. jessicaanderson says

    That looks heavenly. I love being out on the water. We had a boat back in the day and I miss it all the time!
  6. says

    We love to boat, too! We owned a boat at the Lake of the Ozarks (Missouri) but it is expensive and not our only source of joy, so we ended up selling it. Still love to be on the water all we can!
  7. says

    I grew up going out on the boat almost every weekend. I loved it! So much fun. Although we were mainly on lakes, which was perfect for water skiing and tubing :-)
  8. says

    Gorgeous photos! Boating is a definite summer must-do.
  9. lastchance3 says

    It looks so much fun! I've never been boating before, but it looks like you had a wonderful time. I live by the ocean so I spend more time laying in beach.
  10. says

    Boating is so much fun. We had a boat last year, but sold it. We are missing it.
  11. says

    We just got back from Kayaking on the Savannah River. My husband and son love to fish and boat, so we often find ourselves near some kind of water.
  12. says

    It looks like you have had a wonderful time! I love boating but I get travel sick so I have to take a lot of meds before I can enjoy the experience!
  13. says

    you guys looked like you had a blast. I can't believe all the things you got to do while boating. Sign me up
  14. says

    It looks like so much fun doesn't it. I'd love to have grown up on the water.
  15. says

    I grew up in a town by the water in Spain so I love travel destinations where you are close to the ocean and have access to boats. I would love to visit and do some boating there.
  16. says

    There are some who do that rocketing up in the air thing right here on Lake Michigan. It is so fun to watch! I even have a video of it here.
  17. says

    I know a couple of people who live by the words, "get out on a boat and have fun." I can't say that I really love small boats, except for maybe a pontoon, but I love cruise ships :)
  18. Elizabeth O. says

    This is so much fun! I love boating especially with the kids, there's so much activities that they'll enjoy. Very nice, looks like you had a lot of fun during the trip!
  19. says

    I love boating! I used to go tubing on the lake a lot when I was younger. :)
  20. says

    We were in Georgia not too long ago and it seems like it was already summer in Spring. I've never been boating but would love to one day.
  21. says

    What a fun day would be to rent a boat and just sail somewhere. I live by the sea in the UK and we have a posh harbour, but renting a boat would be about £1000 a day, which is not something that my pocket can afford. :)
  22. Danne Reed says

    I miss going in an out of town trip and have fun in the water. Your post makes me want to go in a nearby lake!
  23. says

    I just love the summer! I'm already getting excited about our upcoming trips (although none of them involve water). Enjoy the rest of your travels!
  24. says

    OMG OMG! You guys jet boarded!! that is so EPIC Lucky Packets I've always always wanted to do that and I will, this just amped me up more. the water looks so blue ahhhhh the good life
  25. says

    Ok now this looks awesome!!! We went snorkeling in Hawaii last year and fell in love with boating, snorkeling, kayaking, etc.
  26. says

    How fun! My family and I'd regularly go boating when I was a child, but I haven't been boating since.
  27. eatmaketravel says

    in this moment I truly feel like I need a boat. You guys had some fun times out on the water! What a great way to spend a weekend. I'd seriously consider buying one (in the future).

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