Broke Girls Guide 2 Style

It is very easy for you to get the perfect InStyle clothes for you within your budget. All you need to do is stay here for a while. I bring you the best styles for the best price! I want to look good all the time but can’t break the bank while doing so! That made me a Pro @ getting the best for less!

I like to build up a wardrobe gradually. I think that if you buy everything in one go, then they wear out at the same time, plus if they go out of style or you change shape, then your entire wardrobe might need updating. Just a piece here and there is best.

These pieces have style ! Could I pull something like this off? (It seems like it has the extra touch I’m always missing.) ABSOLUTELY!


  1. Timex Easy Reader 2. Eileen Fisher Airy Tunic 3. MISA Lucja Pom Charm 4. Kate Spade Passport Holder 5. Off The Shoulder Dress 6. Sail Away Floppy Hat 7. Le Specs Prince Mirrored.


8. Scalloped Shirt 9. Stripe Tee Dress 10. Bobbi Brown 11. Pink Clarasonic 12. Perfect Black Dress 13. Scalloped Bag 14. Pencil Skirt 15. Plenum Top

15 Items All UNDER $100

Don’t follow, just be simple!

Basic Wardrobe Checklist: Do you find yourself asking any of these questions: What goes together? What is in style and what isn’t? And when you’re rebuilding your wardrobe on a budget, where do you start?? How do you prioritize what to buy first?

Then you are in the right spot!!

Stay tuned so much more to come!

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Tell me what you think and what you want to see next!

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  1. says

    Love this post! I'm all about saving money and trying to keep myself looking stylish.
  2. felinebykatsaris says

    I love your style! Especially that Miss to Mrs passport! That is way too cute! Great post!
  3. says

    Love to find bargains! But, I also definitely will splurge on classics because its so worth it. Karen |
  4. Terri Steffes says

    There's a good lot of style going on here! Classic pieces, made well, are a bargain. Classic pieces not made well, are not worth your money.
  5. says

    Great style for less! I am going to check out these items. They are so cute!
  6. says

    It's amazing the great stuff you can find for under a hundred dollars when you look. These are some great pieces.
  7. says

    Those choices are great picks! They would look great on a lot of people and are solid pieces for any wardrobe.
  8. says

    At this point in my life - I don't even care if it is in style or not (I guess until my kids say i am embarrassing them). I go for comfort! ☺
  9. says

    Oh I need that watch, so nice!! What a great round-up :)
  10. says

    I love to find a good deal. However, I could definitely use a few more stylish items. I tend to focus on basics and my comfort level.
  11. says

    I love being able to shop for the clothes that I like and still save money! These are really lovely pieces and you'll never think they're under a hundred bucks! That's really awesome. I love the items.
  12. Kimberly says

    Shopping and saving money is a win win in my book. These are some great pieces!
  13. Debra says

    The clarisonic is amazing! I have a knock off right now but I used a friends and I am so in love with the real thing.
  14. Shirley Martinez says

    Yesssssss! This is my type of post. I am cheap as shit, but always look great when I want to.
  15. KiaNaturally says

    I'm in love with the off the shoulder dress. It is so in style right now and that color is perfect for summer!
  16. says

    I tried searching for the sail away hat but I think that the link is broken as it didn't work. How much is it? It is so cute!
  17. says

    I LOVE this post. I am a broke mom because I spend all of my money on my kid's wardrobes forgetting about mine LOL. THese are styles that look high end too!
  18. Robin Rue says

    I love simple pieces like this that can be used for many different options and outfits. I am all about saving money, so this is awesome.

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