Sequins Spotlight #2

              Hey y'all Betsy here from a little place called Happily Ever After, Etc.! I fell in live with blogging many years ago...back before I ever published a post. I started to read blogs and I just knew that this was for me! I have always loved to write, to tell a story and blogging gives me the perfect outlet to share my little piece of the world with all of you. Of, course, the only thing I love more then blogging (besides my family, hi Honey!) Is decorating. I love making my home warm, cozy and (of course) glamorous to a … [Read more...]

What ? I’m Not Super Mom !

Can you believe I'm not super mom ??? I know me either ! Guess I'm just now figuring that out. It's Friday afternoon/night right at 7:48 PM exactly 2 hours and 48 minutes ago I picked my son up at daycare after my tedious 9-5 where I am a office servant and I do Excel all day. It pays the bills and pays a lot more than what most employers pay in the tiny town I love. … [Read more...]

50 Shades of Controversy

Okay so this whole 50 Shades movie is super controversial !! I read all three books when they came out. I didn't think anything about it until the movie premiered and the people that didn't agree with it started voicing their opinion. While reading the books I had mixed thoughts that ranged from oh hell no... to oh okay yeah I might try that. And sometimes actually laughed out loud at how some of it was written almost childishly with bad sentencing. Did it make me all hot and bothered ummm... No I actually just was curious about all the hype. I didn't fall in love with Mr. Grey. Sure some … [Read more...]

SHINE Blog Hop 🎀

I'm so excited to be co-hosting this weeks SHINE Blog hop !!! Jennifer @ the Deliberate Mom is amazing !! My blogging journey has been simply amazing. One of the best perks to me is connecting and really interacting with other bloggers ! This is a huge way for people to find you and be inspired. So jump in the fun and share share share... XOXO LC … [Read more...]

Fabulous @ 30 !

  Holy bar-hoping, club going, all day sleeping, all night partying hell cat in my 20's did not prepare me for where I am now in my 30's Toddler chasing, snack feeding, PTO planning happy wife !! So what did i do when i got my invitation from year 30? I dressed to impress and knew it would be the best event yet! So what did i do when 30 sent me an invite ? I dressed to impress and knew it would be the best event yet ! … [Read more...]