Welcome Home Wednesdays !!

Hey y'all, For the last couple weeks the little elves in my head have been hard at work on a special new project... Welcome Home Wednesdays! A brand new link-party that I'll be hosting with some very special friends every Wednesday at 7am sharp! (That's central time for you hooligans out there!) These ladies are fantastic so the party should be super! Stop by and share your fabulous posts... we would love to read them and share them with our friends! … [Read more...]

Sensational Sushi.

Okay yall Halloween is one week and 2 days away !! Yay !!! I think i have my daughters costume bought (gypsy). But nothing for my son last minute queen right here !! So I started thinking i cant be the only one that has waitied until now to whip something up. So heres a little help if your in my boat. I made this 2 years ago. NO SEW SUSHI ROLL COSTUME. What you need: ●Low heat glue gun. ●White packing peanuts. ●Dollar store sponges. ●Black duct tape. ●Cardboard. ●Styrofoam. Optional Items: -Chopsticks. -Take out box. -Letters cut from cameo to spell sushi. -The soy … [Read more...]

“I should have done that”

"I should have done that" "I shouldn't have done that" how many mom's say that on a daily basis ?? I do ! Why ?? Cause I am a victim of mom gulit. I feel mom guilt sometimes when people would be like what in the world. For example: 1. Not being more patient when they disobey. 2. For not having it me to be a stay at home mom. (Even if we were rolling in $.) 3. Taking time for myself even if it's my hour at the gym. 4. Not feeding them as healthy as I should. And the list piles up a mountain high !!! … [Read more...]

Mother is a verb it’s something you do not who you are.

Great parenting lies somewhere between "don't do that" and "ah what the hell" Ever feel like your nerves are fried and you can't take anymore? You hide in the bathroom (possibly with a book) in the hopes of getting a chance to breath. Only instead what you get are the sounds of small fists pounding and little fingers poking from under the door like a scary movie. … [Read more...]