Mom Color With Me!

    Mom Mom Mom!!!! Hey Mom how many times a day do you hear that? I know I know I have stopped counting too. Well I have found a way where you can say YES more!!! My daughter I know ask a few times a week if I will color with her and of course I sometimes say sure let's do it!! But I will admit I don't LOVE coloring Dora, Strawberry Shortcake or any other cartoon!! I mean we all want to do what we like to do right? So now you can say YES every time now!!! … [Read more...]

Girlfriends “Go-To” Gift Guide

   GO-TO GIFT GUIDE Ya'll gift guides are one of my favorite things at the holidays!! I mean it's easy, fun and well you don't have to do much thinking with all the amazing ideas! So I did a little thinking of my own this year (You can thank me later that's fine) so you can enjoy all the hard to find goodies!! I'm about fun, unique and a good price! You will find all that right here! This guide is centered around friends but could easily double for sisters, aunts and co-workers!! Have fun! … [Read more...]

Quilt Obsession.

WOOT WOOT IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY!!! I live in North GA and we are finally feeling a chill in the air and a soft breeze. It's almost like you can feel something new coming a new job, a new amazing big coffee mug whatever it may be when you feel that crisp air it makes you feel a little "new" and more alive!! Right? It can't be just me! … [Read more...]

My Full Time Passion.

Ya'll know by now I'm a super laid back small town mama of two crazy tiny humans!! I somehow have an amazing husband that puts up with all of our crazy maddness..... My blog is what I  consider my hobby passion and when I do something it's all in or let's just not do it!!! But to keep up my fun hobbies and passions I have to have a kick butt full-time passion. I don't mind my 9 to 5, in fact, I love it and my work family is AMAZING!!!  … [Read more...]

Summer Essentials-What I keep in my beach bag.

    Summer Essentials- What I keep in my beach bag that I can’t live without…   Ya’ll me and the husband are kid FREE in Florida this week it’s been so long I’m not sure I know how to act. I’m here for the sunshine and as much beach time as possible. Take a look what’s in my bag for a full fun day so I don’t have to go back and forth to the resort. All I need is my bag and okay maybe the…. Tiki bar! … [Read more...]

Squeeze a Lemon + Help #RMHC

      It's still sunny and 80 in Georgia Ya'll, Just because school is in session doesn't mean the summer fun has to stop. I've always tried to be a fun, cool hands on mama and come up with ideas to keep my kids excited and happy. I have been wanting to create a lemonade stand for a few months and really go all out so when I saw an opportunity to do that and tie in a good lesson I jumped on it!! We live in the deep south in a small tiny town and normally always take the time to hold the door, say thanks more than once, care about other people and even toss a few … [Read more...]

Welcome To Atlanta: Why I Love It!

Ya'll living close to everything ATLANTA has to offer is just amazing!!! There are busy city streets and chilled out neighborhoods it's literally the best of both worlds! Where you can do and get anything right out the front door! Below I will show you what makes Atlanta unique and a few of my fave things/places! You can't go wrong in Atlanta and there is areas for everyone's budget! Go to put in a dollar amount & it will blow your mind what all is waiting on you! … [Read more...]

Underwater Fun Essentials

Hey ya'll!!! Sorry I've been MIA for a while but be glad because there are tons of amazing things coming to the blog!!! New places I've been, tons of new fun colorful recipes & fun packed family stuff! 1 st I wanted to share my new obsession... FUN PICTURES AROUND THE WATER!!! the more I get to play and create these pictures the more I want to and think of new fun stuff! I have funky Flamingo shoot planned next. (so duh! check back!) Below you will find what my MUST HAVE items are what I use and how I create these fun images! … [Read more...]