Compassion is not a popular virtue – Karen Armstrong

A feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.

I consider myself to be more compassionate than others. When I take the kids to the doctor and see an old person there alone it throws me off for the rest of the day its sad where are the kids or grandkids to sit with them etc… The doors at doctors offices are heavy ! It actually makes me angry !!

When I waited tables for years people would come in alone older and I would take extra time with them and sometimes neglect my other demanding tables to let them know hey if your not here next week I will realize it. Did they call anyone before heading to Longhorn and ask them to join but oh they were to busy one day ppl will regret this you will never be able to get time back !

Even when it comes to homeless people I feel their pain we don’t know the story in which made them flip from day to day citizen to a hermit the wanted to live under a bridge. Maybe they had a child die and decided to become a drunk ? Wouldn’t be hard to give up on the world if you ever had to deal with that pain !! So what if they are begging for $$ to support the habit they have says more about them than half the people that refuse to work or beg and still are well off due to funding from the government daily.

It hurts my soul when I see a child that is full of life but will never get a taste of a loving home :/ yes if I had the money I would take them all !!!

So with that being said I hit a road block when the head of the CDC said ” I hope that our understandable fear of the unfamiliar does not trump our compassion, when ill Americans return to the US for care”

Do I think it’s insane to bring these people to Emory ?? Yes if it was my mom or dad or sister would I want them in the US for the best chance of living ?? Damn right !! But who chooses who gets to come back for a chance to live ? I can’t help but think of maybe how unfair this whole thing is ? Private plane to a air force base then rush to Emory ?

And then I think of the place I work and the work we do for the VA sometimes and people with missing limbs can’t get a dollar and Def no chance of a job that’s living death ?? What’s worse you tell me ???

I know the US patients that have Ebola Brantly 33 & Nancy 59 have tons of people / family that would kill for them to live. Do I think they should live most Def. Does it scare me to think what may happen if a doctor is so tired one day and makes a slip after working on them and all the precautions they have taken fly out the window ??? Don’t tell me this is impossible everything is possible and I have kids do I want them to be in danger to things that are normally in 3rd world countries no !!

So now after all that am I still compassionate ?? Yes very ! But very concerned and intrigued by this whole thing that’s happing in our back yard.

Yall’s thoughts please ??


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