DIY Painted Mason Jars + Giveaway


Hey y’all I had so much fun painting these Mason Jars !! It’s so easy ! I will show you how step by step with explanation + a chance to win a set!


Glitter (if you want).
Spray glue for glitter.
Sand paper to make it rustic a little bit.
Sponge brushes.

That’s all !!!



1) Clean off the jars and make sure they are dry.
2) With the sponge brush, paint the jar. (Repeat this for about 3 coats. Wait 20-30 min in between coats.)
3) Using sandpaper or a sanding block, distress the words and areas that would seem to get naturally scuffed.
4) Enjoy ya’ll it really was that easy !! I know the directions seem small and they are but it’s easy so you can do it !! Just try a few tips to look at down below.


I did this whole set in less than 2 hours. At the end i did spry with a clear coat just to seal them you don’t have to but i wanted to protect the glitter.
Now a few tips & tricks that helped me along the way:
– A lot of people say paint the inside of the jars I did NOT do this I did’y find that it was needed.
– I simply put my hand in the jar it wouldn’t go all the way in i just put it enough to paint the whole thing and move it around a bit as needed.
– When adding glitter to the rim if that’s the style you want don’t spray the glitter on it gets all over. I sprayed my sponge brush with the glue then applied where needed. and then sprinkled the glitter.
– The longer they dry between each coat the better.
– When applying the 2nd coat you will notice a but of paint “peeling” don’t stress it’s okay cause on coat 3 it covers it up & then when you distress with the sand paper it looks like it’s supposed to be that way.
– I used three different paints two were satin finish and one was matte the matte one honestly looks and works better.
– All my pictures will show my setup and what all i used as well.
– All you need is a tiny piece of sandpaper… go over the words and a few areas around the jar VERY lightly.
– Anytime i post a DIY craft you can ALWAYS ask me questions if i’m not clear on something 🙂
– If ya’ll like these as much as I do you can enter the giveaway at the bottom to win a set.








*****a Rafflecopter giveaway*****




Thanks so much for stopping by ya’ll !!! Hope you loved it !



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  1. Carla S. says

    Oh these are so pretty ! Thanks for the chance to win them.
  2. Briseyda Garcia says

    I love them! They're so cute !!
  3. says

    Such an easy project, thanks for sharing. Glad to have you join us at #MidLifeLuv! Kimberly
  4. Julie says

    Love the shades of pink you chose!
  5. says

    They turned out really nice! I have to admit that I have given up on projects because they never turn out for me. This looks so simple though so I might give it a try! Thank you for linking to #MidLifeLuv.
  6. says

    i love love love these!! I am a sucker for the lightest pink! They turned out adorable. I may have to attempt :)))
  7. says

    Those turned out super cute!! And great instructions! Thanks for sharing!
  8. randomlittlefaves says

    Very pretty! I had no idea it was so easy to make these!! Definitely going on my list to try because I just can't have enough mason jars in my house! :)
  9. says

    Cute!!!! I want to give this a try. Love glitter and I have some extra mason jars around. :)
  10. says

    The glitter is the best addition. It's like mini sequins lol! These are so cute!
  11. says

    They turned out great! I love fun craft ideas like this and it doesn't look too complicated.
  12. says

    I love painted Manson jars! I myself just blogged the same DIY project but I love how you added glitter to yours. Check it out
  13. says

    These are so adorable! I literally BLEED giltter so perfect for a craft project! I have a ton of empty pickle jars I have no idea what to do with. Maybe I can glitterize them and use them as makeup brush holders... YAY for DIY!
  14. says

    Very cute! P.S. this wordpress account isn't active anymore. I'm at Come say hi! Maybe we could even work together on something sometime. I'm open to guest posters.
  15. says

    I love the way these came out! I did one in chalkboard paint and it looks pretty neat. I think I need to make some turquoise jars. :)
  16. says

    These would look so cute in my daughter's bathroom!! Rosemond
  17. says

    I love these! I tried a similar project once...didn't turn out that great, but your steps seem so much easier! Thanks!
  18. says

    Very cute! I have been wanting to do this for a little while. Another project that will add to my list. Maybe an ombre set of blues or greens :)
  19. says

    These are SO cute!! I'm definitely going to give it a try. I love the pinks that you used, and of course Glitter is always a "DO!" Thanks for linking up with us at the Best of the Blogosphere!
  20. says

    So cute and love the glitter. Thanks for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy
  21. says

    We did mod podge glitter mason jars last year as a craft, how cute to paint them! Will have to try this!
  22. Tiara says

    I am loving those mason jars! I wish I could be creative! I might have to try these but with blue for our bedroom! Thanks for sharing!
  23. says

    So cute! We plan on implementing this for our wedding next year. Going with a rustic elegance theme.
  24. serenemomblog says

    These are cute! I think I'm gonna try this. I have a ton of mason jars laying around with no purpose.
  25. says

    So cute, everyone always makes this look so easy and fun, but I know I would somehow screw this up! Maybe if I win a set, then I won't have to do it...haha!
  26. says

    I have wanted to do some mason jar DIY this gets me excited all over again.
  27. says

    Love this! Going to show to my teen and see if she'd like to make some for her room. Thanks for linking up at the Best of the Blogosphere Linky party!

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