Dose of Endorphins !

No no no I don’t go to the gym to get skinny I go to get my endorphins.

If you want the best booty in the world ?? If you want to lose or gain weight excersise is amazing for everyone the benfits definitely out weigh any con.

“I’m so tired!” This is something I was saying all day everyday. This is also the #1 reason I joined the gym. Everyday I get off at 5:00 and pick the kids up by the time we made it home it seemed like  I barely had the energy to feed them !!! I wanted energy to feed them, talk to them and add a few end of day activities in there before bedtime. Now that I have started getting my heart rate up daily with excersise I can do all that.

After I started going to the gym I started reading more about it… And another thing that excersise helps is stress, anxiety and depression something I have battled my whole life due to genetics… My doctor has managed mine so well but how amazing that during my me time I am  having its also busting those blue feelings.


A 2012 Harvard University report proves that not only does exercise make you feel better immediately; you also receive lasting effects as you age. Exercise makes us feel better both emotionally and physically.

Try to find someone that says they have no stress and you’ll come up empty – handed. If you’re breathing, you’re going to have stress – it’s just the world we live in. So don’t look at it as a chore when you exercise look at it as an indulgence we deserve.

Skinny people reap all the benfits of exercise to !! Just because someone is skinny does not mean they feel wonderful and are healthy. So dont say to people why are you going to the gym you don’t need to lose weight. No its way more than that for some people its a way of life to live and feel better.

And for the women that are with guys that still think thick is amazing you can still excersise and feel better with out being bones promise !!


These days everyone is all about the booty below I have attached a booty workout that so many people love and say it works !! This is something you can do at home and look amazing in the next pair of jeans you put on.


All the people that are new and seasoned to excersise please add all your comments below ! I am learning new things everyday and would love to hear real life it works stories ♡♡


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  1. says

    Great post. Whenever I think about excercising, it's more about losing weight than actually feeling better. I love that How To Get That Ass sheet. I need more lunges in my life. Thanks!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Thanks so much for reading... I Def also need more lunges in my life lol !!! I always focus on thinking this will make me 'feel" good and I actually leave feeling amazing ♡♡♡

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