Exclusive Planner Goodies @ Sequins

Exclusive Planner Goodies!

Yes Yes I am a planner Addict… That’s okay right? I love all the possibility’s of making a planner  custom, cute and your own. For the past few months I have been bring you free printables and I LOVE doing that and creating stuff and thinking of new ideas. But I want to bring you designs that can’t be bought on Etsy and that are 100% exclusive to Sequins in the South. So I have teamed up with an amazing graphic designer. This is week #1 for us but we will be bringing new designs each week and or course they will only get better and better.

Who’s Behind Sequins Designs?

This is Rachael Lee pure amazing !!! When i was looking for someone to-do the planner designs for my blog I had tons of people that said sure I can do that etc…. But I liked Rachael’s personality and designs instantly !! I knew she was the best !


Contact her now!

As always all my printables are free and sized ready to print and cut. 
I print sometimes @ home and also use staples to print both great results. 

Week #1 Confetti:

CLICK HERE to get the designs & Download the ones you love.

five four one six three two

Thanks so much for coming by !! Hope you love this new design series I will be bringing each week !

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  1. says

    This designs are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! x fadedcoulture.blogspot.com
  2. says

    This is so awesome! Congrats on a great partnership. I also love planners and these pages are so cute. Thank you for the free printables!
  3. theclutterboxblog says

    Love printables and these are so cute!
  4. says

    Thank you for the free printables! I love planners too. :) It's great that you found someone to work with who you clicked with right away.
  5. says

    I am also addicted to planners, i currently have 4 that is 3 more than i need! But thanks for the printables i can insert them into a 5th!
  6. says

    I love my planners too!! ... Thanks so much for the free printables they sure will come in handy.
  7. hilkayaker says

    Cute paper printables. Very pretty. I need to work on getting organized and planning.
  8. Angie@chasingmyhalo says

    Great idea for a series, and I love the look of the confetti!!

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