Girlfriends “Go-To” Gift Guide



Ya’ll gift guides are one of my favorite things at the holidays!! I mean it’s easy, fun and well you don’t have to do much thinking with all the amazing ideas! So I did a little thinking of my own this year (You can thank me later that’s fine) so you can enjoy all the hard to find goodies!! I’m about fun, unique and a good price! You will find all that right here! This guide is centered around friends but could easily double for sisters, aunts and co-workers!! Have fun!


For the Sentimental:

This doorstop necklace is the perfect for the girl who truly know the meaning of “home is where the heart is”. It’s so cute and detailed I just love it!! Detailed front door with custom house # etched in. This is cute, thoughtful, unique and amazing!

For the Overly Busy Mom:

The Tile Bluetooth tracker… I don’t know about you but my kids put me @ the top of the Busy Mom category! I mean cheer practice, PTO Meetings, Ball practice,  play dates, and the every day “NORMAL” madness well yep that’s me! I’m an amazing mom but will admit that I’m sometimes so buy I lose things or “accidently” leave things behind!!! Well NOT good when it happens to be your child’s blanket he can’t sleep without! Yep, doesn’t make for a relaxing night! We have “LOST” and “FOUND” this said blanket about 900 times so far and we are 4 years in with it.

Well I will no longer be posting on Facebook @ Midnight looking for help hunting his “blankie” I live in a small town so people are OVERLY helpful and always try to help me track this famous blanket down but nope not now. I have sown in a TILE tracker and it’s AMAZING!!

You can use Tile for anything you don’t want to lose! I got the pack and use one for my phone and well more importantly the “blanket” What will you use yours for? Don’t miss out CLICK HERE and check out all the details!




For the creative:

A gift certificate from a local photographer!!! How fun and it’s such the gift that keeps giving!! I do photography on the side and I have people that buy gift cards for friends and etc… and the clients that receive it literally love it!!! Fun little Christmas session I did with my kiddos (see I told you they keep me busy)!

For The Plant Lady:

Ya’ll I’m in absolute love with this little shop not to mention the genius idea of the succulent bar it’s insane amazing!!! I mean just look @ the details of this amazing gift box. I sent two out already to my secret Santa’s I’m so excited!!!  This is the type of gift you swoon over!

Those are my top 4 picks and my most overly used on my Christmas list take my word for it they will LOVE IT!!!! Do you have your “go to” items what are they? Which one of the above are you going to grab 1st?


Thanks so much for coming by!!!! Happy Cold Days!!


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