Guilty Pleasures Gift Guide 2015


Happy Holidays !!! I don’t know about ya’ll but the holidays are some of the best days ever ! I have little ones so of course the most fun is watching them wake up and see everything Santa left ! But HEY ! while I’m playing SANTA I want some goodies to and I hit the JACKPOT went I went looking for the best of the best  stuff I wanted badly but maybe didn’t “need” ! Hey just cause I’m in my 30’s don’t mean my “wants” don’t hurt me ! So please sit back and enjoy and visit each amazing shop as they have so much more to offer than what is featured her !! Have fun & don’t feel GUILTY.

   what if by robbi

ef elf elf


instagrampink and gold glitterEtsy

This mug is the best one I own by far !! Robbie Bates took it to a new level with this one. My husband for real thought it was my lipstick…She has big dreams and is doing an amazing job at following them !! Coffee & Mugs = Guilty Pleasure #1. I collect mugs so it is very hard for me to be wowed and this one did it !

chairlie madison

charlie 1 charlie 2

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

The most whimsy jewelry line I have ever seen ! I love it !! I picked this tassel necklace and the detail and the supplies used to create this can’t be beat ! The silver chain it’s self is adorable ! It’s not like a regular plain necklace it’s tiny circles all linked together something I have never seen before ! The lady behind this shop is truly amazing and one of the things she states is… Each piece of jewelry is meant to serve as a token, to inspire and remind you what’s important in your life ! How neat right ! when you get to bust and to stressed just look down and be remained ! Nothing can compare to the craftsmanship of this necklace ! Go see for your self !

tays dream catchers

1mydreamcatcher 1golddippedfeTHERS

Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

Okay, by now everyone knows I’m 100% gypsy at heart and these feed my soul like no other ! These custom made DreamCatchers and mobiles are literally the most detailed ones I have ever seen. Getting a stuffed animal mobile for over the crib is so 1970’s. Give people something to talk about when you add a piece from Tays ! I keep mine in the living room cause I want it to be seen.


wreath on fireplace wreath222

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

Just look !! These felt flowers are the REAL thing ! Not some crafter DIY’er trying for the first time like me lol. I ordered me one in all tans and browns thinking I would hang on my front door it has covered porch so I knew it would be protected… but no way it’s way to cute and detailed right now it’s hanging on my dresser and I am thinking I may actually take it to work. after all I’m there more than home. The quality can’t be topped and super fast shipping. Oh & I’m obsessed with felt balls.


##### @@@@

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

UNIQUE is defiantly a understatement ! You will not find these anywhere else ! Amazing quality and fast shipping from over seas ! If you buy one thing for your self this season let it be this ! Very nice people/designers and everything is hand embroidered. Amazing !!


2222 33333

Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

Holy Sassy !!! YES YES & YES to for sure being on the top of the list for Guilty Pleasures ! I mean who wouldn’t feel sassy and in control with a awesome bow sweater for your coffee ! These are made better than anything I have ever bought that was knitted ! Hands down winner !! Check her out super fast shipping and amazing work.


candle2 candle1

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

Welcome to a whole new world of the best candles EVER !! 1st of all every candle comes with a match and a little striker pad inside the lid so your never hunting for a lighter ! Not only do they smell amazing and last forever… But every candle sold helps a kid this is a win-win and you can and will not buy candles like this at the store. Scents like Favorite Hoodie & Flannel Shirt had my house smelling sooooo cozy this is a perfect gift and a different twist on the candle.

jazz sews

jazz1 jazz2

Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

Okay these 2 pictures sum up everything I am obsessed with lately… Deer heads, antlers, polka dots, gold & black. I mean it’s freaking amazing !! I currently own the seer head clutch and I carry in every purse ! The quality is beyond what you would expect and the zipper is so good it looks as if it was done in a factory. You will not find better bags, clutch’s,  or wristlets anywhere ! Everywhere I go people want mine!


pppp1 ppp2

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

Okay, This Necklace blew my mind !!!! There is no way for  the designer of this Jewelry line (Dana Pruitt) to show how amazing they are in a picture ! There is no way !! The detail on the front and back of the necklace was totally un-real. I wish you could see the turquoise up close! This is not a necklace for the average person ! Get it own it and flaunt it every single person that see’s it will know it’s special ! WOW ! 


bow and chair pillow 8888

Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

A gold & white BOW pillow !!! REALLY dreams do come true ! Yall it’s amazing and made perfectly !!! I don’t know about yall but I love neat different things that you can’t just pick up @ Target & this is defiantly one of those !! She can do all pillows in all kinds of colors but gold, white and black are always s the winner for me.. Fast shipping amazing quality not cheap AT ALL. Take a look you won’t be sorry and it will make you feel sassy and important !


copen2 copen1

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

My skin is SO DRY I mean it’s awful I will try anything on it once just to see…. I came across Copen 26 and was very intrigued. For starters paraben free, 100% Essential oils, cruelty free and they WORK !!! I got a toner, body polish and a chap stick. The Tea Tree Toner was the BEST it left me refreshed but not dry !! I will defiantly be making another order !!  You can tell when people are honest and take pride in the products they create.


brusting3 brusting2

Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

See a theme in my guilty pleasures ?? YES lot’s of Deer/Stag heads. There are the ONLY pony tail holders my daughter will use ! But I don’t blame her they don’t pull and they are so cute !! So I went on a search for who made the beat ones like this and I found her !!! YAY… The best never come un-done they do not lose the color easy and she ships super fast !!! There are TONS to choose from ! Go see and buy some for you or your daughter it’s a special touch. And she has the headbands !!

bloom shop 1

bloom 22 blook333

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets you soul on fire !!!! YES my life motto I had to have this mug and it is truly perfect !!! The design and size is the best you can tell it’s not cheaply made ! The quote on it is there to stay and looks amazing! Every time I put my coffee in I smile that’s the satisfaction of Guilty Pleasures !! She has SO many amazing different things in her shop check it out my next purchase will be This inspired life desk card set !



Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

Thankfully, these amazing raw edge sweatshirts are so trendy and popular right now with leggings and cute boots !! They are truly amazing and so soft !! And let’s be honest these are so sassy and really delivers a neat view on your personality if you have one on ! I literally couldn’t pick and she is so sweet I told her my size and to surprise me !! Now you can’t trust every shop like that !! Her pricing is VERY fair and reasonable and better quality than most I’ve seen for way more ! And check out her coozie to it’s so cute !!! Yes, ladies we deserve these things we might not need !!

coffee mugs never lie

usb mug i dont get drubk mug

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

By now you get the hint I collect coffee mugs and only the best of the best ! When I came across this shop the mug that says “Life is too short to remove USB safely” sold me !! Pretty much how I feel I used to have a boss that would literally sneak to see if we “removed” it correctly !! hahaha wow right ? And the name of the shop is right on I mean I normally get mugs with quotes that really relate and say what we really cant say ! Very fast shipping and amazing quality ! Go get one !

wild arrow

wild a 222 wild a 111

Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

Unique style, with handmade love ! Yes I agree you can tell when people put everything in to a design. I got the Gypsy Soul Cuff Bracelet cause I don’t know about yall but when I am weighed down with work, life, kids and being married I like a little fun reminder that I still have a piece of that “gypsy” in me and it’s all going to be okay ! It’s important to have a little extra something that parts of indulging in our little guilty pleasures ! She has all kinds of amazing pieces it was so hard to choose ! Amazing quality and very nice person with fast shipping.

your niche factory

bag and mouse pad tank now

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

Ya’ll this shop is watercolor amazing !! I’m in love with the tank thank has a Shakespeare quote… But I had to have the mermaid bag and the lion mouse pad for my desk !! And carrying things to and from place to place ! It’s not yoyr average mouse pad at all it turns heads and adds a extra layer to your personality. Very amazing quality  and fast shipping !

the gym swag shop !

coffee wine mommy time 5 for 40

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

Tell me something better than Coffee, Wine & Mommy Time…. I know nothing better right ! That’s why I had to have it ! This is an insane deal for these tanks 5 for $40 when others sell them for way more and the fabric is not as near as nice. The fabric on these are thicker much smoother like t-shirt material. Right now these tanks are a HUGE deal cause you can put them under any cardigan and it’s a perfect outfit. I got a mint one and will put with jeans black cardigan and black boots and you can always substitute jeans for leggings ! So So impressed love it !



Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

Okay, This is the best thing I  have bought in a very long time ! I want one for myself  I had no idea they would be this amazing !! These will be used in our pictures yay !! I admit I always buy way more stuff for my kids than for me but this item makes me so happy !!! Pictures can’t do  these justice ! So unique and classy ! They are made top notch and people will for sure be asking me where I got them !! Truly impressed !


banner two banner one

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

Lately have ya’ll seen all the pictures of the decorated mantels ?? How amazing right ! Well let me tell you start here ! These are heavy duty FABRIC tassel banners and I will be using on my mantel with matching extras. You can use them a 100 different ways but right now I’m TEAM MANTEL. I have always been a banner lover I make them, buy them and use them year round. But I don’t have the talent to make one this professional looking to use daily for display ! I love special touches in my house and this one hits the spot !

sip n sparles

sip 2 sip 1

Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

Home of watercolored mugs !! They are fabulous & let me tell you I’m a DIY queen and I have tried this before and let’s just say it’s not a easy task she rocks it !! They are all one of a kind and special. My favorite being the one that says I love my tribe. I’m a blogger and without a tribe it’s defiantly not as fun !! I collect coffee mugs and this one will be displayed in my clear cabinets so it can be seen as it should. Love these ! Great quality and fast shipping.

jessica oils oils oils

oil one oil 2

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

A few months ago I got into essential oils and from then on I have really enjoyed them ! in my bath is where I use them the most and I most recently bought a diffuser. I was scrolling around looking at small shops and came across these and all here products are made with essential oils so I was intrigued immediately. She had amazing reviews and I have such dry sick I was thinking products with essential oils would be perfect. I got the one for dry skin and I can already tell a difference !! That’s insanity I never can tell a difference ! It is called simply nourished exactly what I needed ! Great shop love it !

latte love for coffee

latte 1 latte 2

instagrampink and gold glitter Etsy

Yes Yes I’m obsessed with these coffee mug coats ! I defiantly need more than one or even more than 10 !! Yes guilty pleasure winner right here for sure ! I choose the gold and white with red cause it’s so festive and fun ! It will literally make my star bucks cup amazing and when I walk into work it will put a pep in my step ! I’m in my 30’s and deserve these things ! even if your 90 these are fun ! And look @ the one with the diamond every newly engaged girl wants that I promise !!! Amazing quality and fast shipping love it !

shark bites of life

000111 000222

Etsy instagrampink and gold glitter

Okay so I’m sassy I can’t help it I live in a tiny southern town in Georgia. It’s in my blood and these shirts spoke to my heart ! I got the one that says Make Coffee Put On Gangsta Rap & Get Shit Done ! Yes this slouchy pullover and black leggings will be my new uniform on Saturday’s ! Cause that’s exactly what I need to be doing ! Amazing top notch quality and when you look at it you can tell it was from a specialty shop. The other will def be my next purchase “Namaste Bitches” And yes people know me well enough to take it lightly when I have it on at my next yoga class !!

thanks so much

I hope ya’ll loved all this as much as I did !! Something extra to make you smile can go a long way ! Show these amazing hard working shops some love !! I am truly grateful I ran across each one… Please let me know if you have any questions at all !




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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I totally need a new mug. I love the what the Elf one :)
  2. says

    These are awesome gift ideas. I'm almost done with my shopping and I only need a few things more. I love your suggestions.
  3. says

    My two favorite gifts are chocolate and coffee. I always get both for gifts.
  4. says

    Great review of products. I likes the watercolor mugs.
  5. says

    What a great list! I particularly like "Life is too short to remove a USB drive safely." haha I do that all the time.
  6. says

    I love the deer clutch. That's too cute! I'm also really fond of dreamcatchers!
  7. mamacarmody says

    Wow, there is a lot of great stuff there. I found a tee shirt that my husband would love. The one that says, "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come." It made him laugh too.
  8. says

    bows are my thing so I love the bow pillow & the bow coffee cup holder
  9. says

    I love this list! I need the candle and the pillows now!
  10. olivia says

    Thank you for featuring my bracelets here. I hope you enjoy yours
  11. says

    so many cute ideas, love those coffee cups and can see using them in the office for sure
  12. says

    I love the mug its so cute, it is really perfect for me 'coz I'm a coffee lover.
  13. Elizabeth O. says

    Those are all great, I would keep most to myself instead. Lol. Thanks for the awesome gift guide, I know a lot of people who would appreciate this.
  14. victoria says

    These is a great gift idea. My friend was a coffee addict and i think he needs a new mug
  15. says

    So many cute things! I think Justin like the cute reindeer antlers the best!
  16. says

    I love the mug "what if it was wine." I think I might get my wife one for Christmas.
  17. kleebanks says

    This is a great list. I especially like the felt flowers on the wreaths.
  18. says

    Wow! That is quite the collection of goodies. I live that you have chosen to feature Etsy shops. I love supporting entrepreneurs and will be sure to check out a few pieces. I love the coffee mug :-)
  19. says

    I love them all!! I am addicted to buying new mugs and I love the one with the lipstick mark.
  20. Kaitie Creator of Fuchisa Freezer says

    I love all of the amazing gift ideas here!
  21. katrina g says

    These are some really great gifts, I'll have to try it for some of the gifts I have to get people.
  22. says

    Those are all really cute finds. I don't often like gift collection posts but this one was top notch! Thanks for sharing
  23. says

    Oh so cute! I LOVE that crochet coffee mug holder that keeps your hands warm too. Brilliant!
  24. says

    These are too cute! I'm going to have to snatched up a few of these mugs and some jewelry. I love unique pieces too and these are too good to pass up!
  25. hilkayaker says

    Wow, I'm so overwhelmed with the amazingness I don't know where to start! What the E(l)f was hilarious, you picked some adorable mugs. I especially love the I love my Tribe one, I want to make one for my "village", such an adorable idea. I am not a gypsy or bohemian, but I am Pagan and LOVE dream catchers too, those are beautiful. I need to make one for my son's new room.

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