Happy New Year!!


I love when it’s time for a NEW YEAR!! I never make resolutions but I’m very excited about a new journey I’m on. I opened my very own Photography business and I’m so excited!! I live in a tiny town in GA and it was much needed people are already responding so well. My main focus is supplying creative styled photo sessions! Take a look if you’re curious. So along with my blog this is my new baby.



Yes leave it to me to be “realistic” for the new year so far this is my list:

  1. Wash & Maybe then “really” fold clothes on the same day.
  2. Cook more well…. a little more do sugar cookies count?
  3. Dress a tad bit better? No no that’s  a lie leggings are life I’ll just put makeup on more often.
  4. Really up my game on the blog and provide a more personal touch.
  5. Get in the floor with the kiddos and really play and for a while.
  6. Make every room in my house a bit more cozy.

When I made my list and re-read well it just seemed perfect and still does so I’m going with and hopefully I can do it all. Tell me what’s on your list for the New Year and do you hold yourself accountable??



Good luck and all the happiness this year!!!!

Thanks so much for coming by and checking out what promises I’ve made for myself I’m dying to hear yalls!!


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