I Fall For You Everyday.


Marriage can be amazing and very stressful! Just like people with no kids have all the answers for people with kids. People that are not married think its so easy and everything is black or white and set in stone.
Sorry sweetie I’m pretty sure that’s why you not married or have never been !

I have only been married about four years which is nothing im ready for 40 more !!

We have two kids and we all know what that can cause, stress, tiredness and zero sex and a tedious routine that you forget your even married. The lack of sex can be what really brings the ‘spice’ of the relationship down a peg or two. However, some couples revert to viewing certain adult entertainment in order to try and cook up some more fire in the bedroom. If you and your partner wish to do this also, you may want to check out something like TubeV.Sex japanese in order to try and get each other more aroused around each other.

When normal people get married i dont think they think well… if this sucks i will just go get a divorce. You truly love this person and want to spend the rest of your life with them.

We have loved being married and not had any over the top fights. It’s normally about money but were learning and working out a system that works for us individually.

I want to keep my soulmate happy and pleased at home and i expect the same in return. So I’ve been reading what married people have done in their relationship thats been married over 40 years. I will post the best tips I got at the end of this post.

I’m only thirtyish and thats young yall !!! So do something sassy and frisky ! It’s fun and most importantly exciting. No man wants sex on a schedule at a certain time and one way and only in the bed nope not even the southern Baptist preachers in my small town. So stop the BORING!


I will always fight for i love and that includes my marriage you cant let people or other family members on either side get involved or put down your spouse! It’s 100% disrespectful and hurtful and toxic so make them irrelevant like turning off the TV.

Yall follow my blog and my journey on married life with kids !! Lets share stories and laugh and cry togther along the way !!


Below you will find what i consider the best marriage tips i read take a peek can’t hurt ??

°• Kids can make a marriage stressful but one day they will be grown enjoy!

°• Affection breeds more affection so kiss good morning and have tons of sex.

°• Fill the refrigerator with all his favorite things.

°• Laugh ALOT together.

°• Celebrate when good things happen.

°• Don’t take each other for granted you have to work at a good marriage 100% of the time.

°• Remember that no marriage is immune from conflict.

°• Don’t keep your phones and computers password protected we dont at all if you have to re-think why.

°• Men want to feel desired we would be idiots to think no one never flirts with our husband.

Yall let me know what you think and all the amazing things that work for you and your marriage…



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    I love this blog because my husband and I recently had a problem in our marriage that almost ended it! We started watching this TV program called Marriage Today that talks about how you have to put God first and look to him when you have problems! We have also learned that you have to serve each other! It can't be one sided or one person doing everything! You have to share the day to day task and realize that to truly be happy you can't rely on your spouse to give you that! You have to rely on God to make you happy and then everything else will fall into place!

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