I’m “That” Pinterest Mom!


So now either you do to much or not enough? I’m so over the anti Pinterest mom post I mean really who comes up with this shit? If you can’t hang I get it just tap out gracefully not full of hate and 100% jealousy.

This is for you, fellow Pinterest Mom. Because you know what? I like you. And I like you, because I am you. Yes, I confess: I’m a Pinterest Mom and I’m proud of it. Not only do I pin but I also do that shit.

Oh, you don’t want to cut up grapes for your one year old? Well guess what I do because I don’t want to try and master the Heimlich remover Everytime we visit the farmers market and get real it takes maybe 32 seconds. And let me be clear the whole cutting up the food thing started wayyyyy before Pinterest my dad did it for me and my sisters and he’s 71 years old.


And mommy wars really is that a thing now? How and why well the answer to that is we (as moms) allow it… the only mom that is in a “mommy” war is one that allows it. I have never allowed another mom to make me feel more or less than. I know what I enjoy and I know what my kids enjoy and I like to think that I’m good @ both and if I’m not well it’s okay.

God forbid if you want to have a themed birthday party now a days that’s considered “showboating” I mean why don’t we grab some paper sacks from the local grocery store and toss in old socks as party favors yea that’s fun the kids would love that! Or you could be like me and enjoy throwing a party ever every year and no it doesn’t cost as much as a car payment it just takes a bit of pre planning you know not like 4 nights before your child grows a year older.

Yes I’m that matchy matchy mom that loves to have tons of goodies @ her child’s party. Yes the awesome party favors the one’s that live on etsy for special order and the cute little food shaped like diamonds or dogs whatever theme you have going on that year.


But guess what? I don’t do it for show and I don’t do it to make other moms feel inadequate. Heck, I don’t even do it for my kids’ benefit. Oh, no. I do it because I like to!!

I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone and somehow we’re all connected through Facebook there is only one high and middle school so yea we grow up together and apparently the new thing is to think it’s cool to throw on stale yoga pants to take your kids to school the 1st day by all means don’t wake up 30 minutes early to put on makeup and a cute shirt. After all it’s just walking your child in to the teacher that will be with them more than you are! Throw up a peace sign as you leave your child at school let them know you don’t give a shit! I mean this years teacher gift I gave the teacher caused a small town war on Facebook!


The toddler years are fun at my house we enjoy pulling out the glue gun and pink ribbons for the Valentine box and yes we may even make cute ones to give to friends don’t be mad at me because you were to busy and you sent your child to school with a zip lock bag and new kids on the block Valentines if that’s what you do I’m 100% cool with that! I don’t bash you online saying omg so and so’s mom sent a 90’s boy band Valentines to her child’s class we just have a mutual understanding that you were busy and I planned ahead!


After reading the 20th post on Facebook that painted all of us  “show off/trying too hard/faking it” type. I don’t care if you want to see it, but that’s okay because we didn’t post that picture on Instagram for you. It was for US. Yes, us.

Now don’t get me wrong I feel like I have mastered tons of things in the mommy world and when it may seem like I’m “showboating” etc… just remember there are ton’s of things I also REALLY suck at! I’ll let you in on those secrets below.

  1. I hate having shoes on yes I know as an adult this is a problem! but in return my kids now also hate it so sometimes we pull up to target and not one child has shoes on.
  2. About 98% of the time I always cave in when they want more than one popsicle.
  3. Putting up clean clothes is a HUGE issue for me I hate it!!! so yes sometimes we are digging matching socks from a pile… A very large pile!
  4. I like to have a few beers by the pool so yes my kids know about “adult” drinks.
  5. Sometimes my kid has a lunch box full of JUNK!

And I  could keep the list going forever but it’s okay I do more of what I love and enjoy every minute!

This is not to bash mom’s that don’t love being crafty, can’t afford it or have zero time with a demanding job. This is to say hey some mom’s enjoy doing the extra little things and that’s okay to! It seems like these days everyone is worried about what others are doing and thinking and to an extent that is normal. But when it comes to me and mine I do what make me happy and right now that’s being a crafty mom! Inspired by Pinterest.

If you have a different sort of fun with your family, do it. Post videos of your entire family singing together on YouTube. Go right ahead. And I promise to not feel inadequate because of it.


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  1. says

    This is amazing. I need a friend like you to pick me up when my Pinterest abilities are lacking. I totally want to do your back to school teacher gifts! So adorable.
  2. says

    I'm that matchy mom too... although my kids wont let me do MY themes for their birthdays psht.
  3. Elizabeth O. says

    What is with all these labels, moms are great at what they do and we shouldn't ridicule of judge them for it. I think we should stop and think before we add any more labels to the moms who are trying their best to give their kids lovely parties and all that.
  4. crystal says

    this is amazing I wish I was so organized.
  5. Amanda says

    I like to think I'm a Pinterest mom, but most pins never see the light of day in my house. But, maybe one day!
  6. says

    This is great! I'm with you! I'm crafty and my kids bedroom is matchy and Pinterest worthy but I suck at things! I also hate shoes. I can't keep a houseplant alive. I'm addicted to Coca Cola and carbs. So what? Let's all be nice to each other. We're all just trying to keep our kids alive one day at a time :)
  7. Scott says

    No matter how many years pass, I don't feel like I've mastered the mommy (or daddy) thing. Now I just wait until they're out of the house!
  8. theextraincomeproject says

    OMG that grape cutter! #genius
  9. says

    I love this post!!! You are so right on... Moms shouldn't have to feel guilty for doing the things that they want to do! I'm totally a Pinterest mom too!
  10. says

    I get some of my best ideas from show-offs. You go, girl, and do what you want to do! In fact, I should follow you right away on Pinterest! Carol http://carolcassara.com/identity/
  11. says

    I love Pinterest and enjoy making different stuff. Other moms can be jealous who cares. I come from a small town with one school. It happens
  12. says

    I'm the party queen in my family, so I'm a Pinterest junky. Pinterest is so full of awesome ideas.
  13. says

    I don't care if you're "That Pinterest Mom." I care if you're putting others down because they aren't. If I see you've replicated something on Pinterest, I'll most likely be picking your brain for tips, tricks, and see if you have any shortcuts.
    • Laci Carlson says

      Absolutely and no way I love moms that don't even know what Pinterest is at all I just see a lot of the opposite lately ???
  14. says

    Laci you crack me up. I am horrible at Pinterest and wish I could tackle it better. I envy moms like you. The crafty mom, she is wonderful and I am jealous because I suck at crafts, just horrible at them. The birthday parties, I agree with the cool themes and matching. Love it
  15. says

    my girls love pinterest and I m on their less than them but it is a great reference for me
  16. says

    No mommy shaming here....if anything, I am jealous of the Pinterest mom because I feel like I don't have the skills or imagination to pull off half of the things that they come up with. I raise a glass to you, my friend....cheers! Pin away!
  17. says

    I would love to use Pinterest more. I think if you enjoy something and it doesn't hurt anybody then you should do it. Don't listen to those other Mums!
  18. says

    I love to look at Pinterest. I'm not very pinterest-y in real life application though. :)
  19. says

    I love pinterest...I basically use it like google and if I had the time my life would be full of DIY projects and wonderful pinterest recipes. Don't let the haters dull your shine girl....u keep right on pinning!
  20. says

    Yes! I totally agree with everything in this post. I am a MASSIVE Pinterest person, I am always pinning things and I totally inject little bits of pinterest into my life. La Belle Sirene
  21. Angie@chasingmyhalo says

    Awesome and true. If I'm going to put effort into something, I'm going to give it my all. That's just me. Kudos to you Pinterest Mom :-D
  22. says

    I am very much active on Pinterest, but honestly not as much as organized like how you are. I love what you have done with the back to school teacher gifts, which is quiet amazing. Hope I could become a Pinterest mom too!
  23. says

    I love this! My friends see me as that Pinterest girl, they don't see how I have time for things like that! You parties are super cute :)
  24. says

    I'm not a mom and I'm not pinterest savvy... seriously my attempts look like the before and not the after haha all that being said my sister is an amazing single mom and she has been preparing for months for the party she is throwing my nephew for his 10th birthday today and let me tell you she is hardcore Pinterest worthy. I really think we just all need to stop shamming mom's (and people in general) for what they can or cannot do. I do think that ipod nanos in birthday giveaway bags are a little too much for a middle schooler's birthday (yeah thats a thing). Keep postin awesome diy's that I suck at...you just might inspire me to do one :)
  25. says

    You're keeping it real mama and I love it! I love the Pinterest moms! They inspire me to try things I otherwise wouldn't. And the mommy wars...so true! I'm comfortable in my choices so good luck to anyone trying to make me feel otherwise.

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