SPA Party

I always over-plan and over-spend. So this year when i started planning for my daughters 5th birthday i made a decision that i would figure out how to go the cheaper route and still be considered the “party of the year”. And i succeeded !!



First things first i made my mind up on the theme we have done tons of themes so i had to think a little bit. Year #1 we did princess with full candy bar. Year #2 I had the zoo come to our house they brought the Australian package kangaroos etc… Year #3 we did carnival then Year #4 Horses and Hairbows which brings us to this Year #5 Spa Day !!

My daughter is obsessed with everything prissy. She dpends hours going thur my fashion magazines circling what she likes and ripping out all perfume samples to keep.

So getting totally pampered this year fit perfectly.

When i do a themed party i personally like to have a set color palette as well in this case gold, black and white.

Everything i list was bought at My local Dollar Tree, Party City, Oriental Trading or off Ebay.

Photo Props







The hair station had everything you needed for “crazy hair” pipe cleaners, spray glitter and color, feather extensions, & pony tail holders.

My nail station was the most embellished. I had tons of neat things to pick from. Nail art pens, stickers, jewels, pearls and very cute 3D nail pieces. It looked like a fully stocked nail bar.

The makeup station was easy what little girls dont like red lipstick and 1980’s bright eyeshadow. I simply picked up tons of body glitter and bright color choices.

My foot pedicure station was a big hit i bought small plastic foot containers then cut out “Spa Ca’Rin” on my cameo to give them a personalized look. I added warm water and peppermint foot soak for each girl.


And last the most sassy station of all was the face station. I got the cucumber face masks and cut fresh cucumbers. And each girl got a white hand mirror that i added rinstones to. All the giggling this station provided was well worth it.

I also bought cute spa photo props and set up a little area for that.

The rustic window was made by me from wrapping paper and gift bags from Target. And the enjoy today sign was made using paint and my cameo.


My favorite party of the party was everything matchy matchy you will see from photos.

Food fare was light and simple your basic spa like foods such as ham and cheese roll ups. Fruit dip with chips, sausage balls, grapes and cheese.  Matching zebra cakes, suckers, gumballs and swiss rolls. The cake and cupcakes were amazing! And tied it all together a local lady made those for me.


We did all this and with a budget yall !!! Now it’s your turn to have a spa day for your daughter !!!



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  1. says

    This is seriously the cutest party ever. I am going to pin so I dont forget!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Yay !!! Thx sooo much ♡♡
  2. says

    That photo with all the little girls with their facials and hands up letting their nails dry is adorable! I'm really impressed with what you did, I wouldn't mind going to your spa party ;-)
    • Laci Carlson says

      Haha thx that was my fav pic to !!! Thanks so much after that party i need a spa day !!! ♡♡
  3. says

    This is SUCH a cute idea!!! I love it! <3 There's nothing more adorable than prissy little girls being pampered. I hope she had a wonderful 5th birthday.
  4. says

    So impressed! You throw one hell of a party!! You have one lucky little girl!! PS. The cakes at your parties are AMAZING!!!!
  5. says

    This is one of the cutest 5 year-old parties I've ever seen. The girls getting facials is adorable. And I love the cake! Thank you for sharing on the #SHINEbloghop. Have a wonderful week! xoxo Tammi
  6. says

    Great party planning, lots of really great details. It totally could work for a womans party too! Love your decor and the window is the cutest!
  7. rcsc49 says

    What an adorable idea any little girl would love. Thank you for sharing it with the Share It One More Time party. Cathy
  8. says

    Hello beautiful! This looks so amazing. What a cutie. Pinned. Thank you for taking the time to stop by! I hope to see you at our party tonight, it starts at 7 pm. We love to party with you! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls
  9. says

    OOOHH!! I love this! I'll have to keep this in mind for when my daughter is older. Her birthday is in January and finding activities to do in the cold Canadian winters is going to be tough! This could be perfect!
  10. says

    what a totally fun idea! love the girls all laying out with their cucumber eyes lol.
  11. says

    Oh m goodness! What an adorable way to celebrate with your daughter! Love it. Thanks for linking up #toddlertuesday
  12. says

    This is an awesome idea! I'm going to have to tuck it away for when my daughter gets older. It looks like so much fun!! Coming over through the link-up :)
  13. says

    I love the party. I am having a spa birthday party for my little one next week. Thanks for sharing at the Retro repin.
  14. Mum-bo-Jumbo says

    I adore this birthday theme! If only I had a little girl... haha! Never mind, I will pass on this idea to my sister for her daughters! Thanks for linking up at Toddler Tuesday. This post will be featured as you received the most clicks. Apologies about the server issues experienced on my site last week, I am thankful you were able to link up!
  15. says

    This is soooo cute! I think I want to throw myself a spa party for my birthday. My daughter saw the pictures and now she wants a spa party! lol! Thanks for sharing this.
  16. says

    Oh my goodness, I love it all. As most have commented, the pic with the face mask and cucumbers is so precious and my absolute favorite!! I have a boy so I won't get to have a b-day party like this for him, BUT I do have sisters and a niece.....There might be a spa party in the works at 523. LOL Thanks for sharing.
    • Laci Carlson says

      Yay !!! Thx so much this was the best party yet ♡♡♡ so glad you saw it
  17. Gina Duke says

    Wow! I especially loved the pics of the girls lying on towels with cucumbers on their eyes - too cute!!! I'm your neighbor at King Maker linkup.
  18. says

    How fun! I would love a spa day with my girls. Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!
  19. naturalfitfoodie says

    Oh my goodness how lucky is your daughter!!! I cannot show this to my little one or else I'll have to do the same for her 7th bday. Well done you!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Awww !!! Thanks so much ! So glad you stopped by.
  20. says

    Wow...This party looks like so much fun! I love the idea of the spa day for the girls and I love you coordinated everything and saved money doing it, too! Your daughter sure is a little cuttie!!
  21. says

    My daughter is 3 and would love this! She has been trying to get me to paint her nails for about two weeks haha. I am not as girly as she is. We could do this for her 4th birthday. Glad to have you as co-host at #HomeMattersParty
  22. says

    Oh gosh this brings back memories of the parties I threw for both my Son and Daughter! This is too cute for words! Thanks Laci!
  23. Rose 's DIY Crafts at FineCraftGuild says

    Oh, man! Laci, this is too cute!!! When I saw that photo with the girls laying down with cucumber on their eyes I cracked up. I absolutely LOVE this. G+ -ed. And will pin it later too! Just Great! Thanks for linking this up at SHARE IT sunday linky party! Link-ups like this make my day!
  24. ashandcrafts says

    Hi there! Visiting from the Home Matters link party. This is sooo cute! I love the pic of them with their face masks on!
  25. says

    Okay, I would have loved to have come to this party - I'll bet the girls had a fantastic time! LOVE that cake, too! Thanks so much for being a fantastic host of the #HomeMattersParty - we appreciate you!
  26. says

    How cute! I love the mask! Wish I was a part of that birthday party! Thanks for linking up at the #ConfessionsLinkUp
  27. Linda B says

    That is a great idea for the birthday party. Didn't realize you were doing it for a 5 year old at first. I wanted to come too.
    • Laci Carlson says

      Awww haha thanks so much !!!!
  28. says

    Stopping by from Sunday's Best linkup. This idea is a little girl's dream. I love theme parties. Pinning this to my party idea board.

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