Me Me Me

Hey Yall !!
This is my journey to make a blog inspire and find an outlet to be creative. I am new to this world of blogging and will not be politically correct nor will I please any English teachers out in the world (sorry sissy). I am 30 years young and married with 2 kids. With that being said that didn’t come easy I am not the ready made wife and PTO mom. I have a very colorful past full of hot mess that most southern belles would frown on. But that made me who I am and personally think made me more opened minded than most people you will run into on a daily basis. Sometimes I cuss to much and have to pitch myself and say hello is that how you want your almost 2 and 5 year old to talk ??? Umm no who does? But hey life gets in the way when you stomp your toe on the door frame and step on a hot wheels car. I have one bi-racial child my oldest Ca’Rin Shine that is already so hard headed and determined it’s insane maybe those two things will go great together when it’s not me trying to contain her to what a normal healthy 5 year old should be doing. Is a bi-racial child a great thing in the south I would think not but in the Carlson house hold its amazing and for the sun worshiping goddesses me and my sisters are we may be a little jealous of that year round pecan tan summer glow. Please go on this journey with me with an open mind let’s have fun and raise a little heck.


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