My Full Time Passion.

Ya’ll know by now I’m a super laid back small town mama of two crazy tiny humans!! I somehow have an amazing husband that puts up with all of our crazy maddness….. My blog is what I  consider my hobby passion and when I do something it’s all in or let’s just not do it!!! But to keep up my fun hobbies and passions I have to have a kick butt full-time passion. I don’t mind my 9 to 5, in fact, I love it and my work family is AMAZING!!! 


I work in the medical field I’m a little more behind the curtain in my position but still feel like I’m needed. I manage many hospital and doctors offices and every medical form they use. I work super close with sales, marketing and the head of each department and 98% of the time they are so nice and also laid back like me thankfully!!! I would say I dress up about 40% of the time and the other 60% I’m in the best scrubs EVER we get to choose and I ONLY have Landau in my closet may sound insane and a bit picky but I’m okay with that

Back in February, I posted about Landau and well since then my collection is HUGE!!!! & well now I kind of consider myself an expert….

**  I have to have my personality showing ya’ll and every pair of my Landau scrubs goes perfect with it!!


Here’s my why for the Medical Field:

I’m a very passionate person it’s hard not to look at me and not know what I’m thinking. So it would be even harder for me to be in a profession that I wasn’t all in for. I care about people even people I’ve never met before, when I help others it’s like I’m helping myself, my parents are older and my whole life and I would always want people in the medical field to be so good to them so that’s what I give. The list could go on and on but I know I’m where I’m supposed to be! What’s your why for being in the medical field?




Why Landau?

  • Never feel sloppy.
  • New styles all the time.
  • Fits perfect.
  • Order with ZERO worries.
  • Feel good = Looking good.
  • Sizes from XS – 5XL


Are you in the medical field? Have you tried the goodness? If not get to it you can thank me later!!! I only rock Landau now.

This is my next purchase can’t wait!!! already have them in my cart:

** These are from the smitten line and I plan on collecting it all!! Dress for the job you want!


Thanks so much for coming by means way more than you know!!! Happy Friday eve!!

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  1. Ashley Peavey says

    Those are so cute!
  2. says

    I loved their scrubs when I worked in healthcare too! Super cute and comfy!

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