New Years Eve Donut Ball Drop

      New Years Eve Kid Food

Can you believe it? New Year is seriously right around the corner. Before we know it we’ll be saying goodbye to 2016 (although, I for one know it’ll take me at least a month to get used to writing 2017). But even though we’ve all probably been inundated with food and sweet treats as the holidays season has progressed, it isn’t quite time to say goodbye to the food, because we still have one more big celebration coming up: New Year’s Eve.

 These days I enjoy NYE at home in my safe little living room with my husband and 2 kids!! and poke them every time they get sleepy it’s like they are excited they get to stay up till 12 and I’m like “wake me at 12” Oh, don’t get me wrong I used to be the biggest partier ever and was VERY good at it but now I enjoy making it fun for all at home. I live in Georgia so only about an hour from the peach drop I have been many times and sometimes I couldn’t get boozed enough to stay warm but still so fun!!!

Have fun with this the kids will LOVE it!!



This Years Festivities:

  • This amazing & fun Donut drop treat.
  • Milk & Cookies in pretty glasses.
  • Anything that makes noise.
  • Confetti.
  • Glow Sticks.
  • Hot Chocolate with sprinkled rims.


New Years Eve Donut Ball Drop
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  • Glazed Donut Holes
  • - Mini Muffins
  • - Party Sticks
  • - Multi-Color Edible Glitter
  • - Silver and Gold Crystals


  1. 1. Place donut holes in microwave for 10-15 seconds. This will melt the glaze just
  2. enough to add your glitter/crystals.
  3. 2. Roll donut holes in a mix of glitter and crystals. When finished with all of them,
  4. place in fridge to harden back up.
  5. 3. Sprinkle muffins with glitter and crystals as well.
  6. 4. Next, take your donut hole and insert through the end of the party stick (about
  7. half way up). Then stick into the muffin.
  8. 5. They’re ready to serve!



And while we’re on the subject of New Year’s Eve… are you a party-goer or do you prefer to count down the last seconds of the year at home? Any big plans? Tell me!

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