No work all play ! Just Kidding…


   Nope games on my phone are no longer only for my kids !! That right I hog it now I’m totally addicted… It’s almost like a stress reliever !

I know I’m not the only one that gets stuck in the car rider line or on the train etc… There’s only so much to look at so u wind and the a game !

Recently I have started playing Cookie Jam ! I consider myself a master hahah yeah right.

Currently I’m on level 380 woot woot !!! Below you will see a couple of pictures of the game on my phone.



Now there is something called Amazon Coins you can use it with the Amazon app or of you don’t have the app click HERE and you it will take you where you need to be !!

What’s the deal ??

Virtual currency that can be used for apps and in game items in the Amazon App store.

Save 10% sometimes a lot more than that when there are specials and promotions going on.

100 coins = $1
For example buy $100 with for $90.

 Example: “135 Cookie Jam Coins = $4.99 or 499 Amazon Coins;  500 Amazon Coins cost $4.80 (4% off, a savings of $0.20); plus you could earn Coins Back.  While 3125 Cookie Jam Coins = $99.99 or 9,999 Amazon Coins; 10,000 Amazon Coins cost $90.00 (10% off, a savings of $10); plus you could earn Coins Back. [Also, these savings could be Doubled during specials and Double Coin Back Deals whenever Amazon hosts them (keep checking the Appstore)”

Want some coins ??

Some games actually give you back coins  for just playing !! Check which ones HERE.


Amazon Underground

Is simply the very best of both worlds a Amazon Shipping App with an integrated Amazon Appstore.

What do y’all think ?? Game on or no way ??

Thanks so much for coming by !!!


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** Sponsered by the Amazon Appstore.

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  1. says

    I was super addicted to the Frozen Freefall game for about a year before I finally gave it up. It was eating up way to much of my time. I'm all for it though, if I was able to control myself. lol
  2. says

    This looks like my type of game. I just discovered Amazon Underground and I love all the great apps I can get this way as well.
  3. says

    I try not to play games because I do get addicted! This looks like a really fun game! I still love a good minute of candy crush when I have time :)
  4. says

    Word games are my favorite. I recently downloaded Word Brain and it's been really fun.
  5. says

    Oh man, that's all I need is another reason to be on my phone!! Yikes!!!! The last game I was addicted to was candy crush. Thank goodness that has past!! Looks neat tho!
  6. mamacarmody says

    I have to agree that playing those games can be a stress reliever. I only play Candy Crush but like you it's usually when I'm stuck somewhere and am just killing time.
  7. says

    I can see how app games can become totally addicting and a great form of stress relief. I try to stay away because I will get totally sucked in and get nothing else done!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Story of my life !!! Hahah
  8. says

    The only thing I play anymore is Words with Friends. I was fairly addicted to Farmville at one point. I draw the line at investing any actual money, however.
    • Laci Carlson says

      My sister loves words with friends !!!!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Hahaha !!! That's okay still relaxing :)
  9. says

    Oh my gosh, I don't think I played a computer game since I was a child! It's so hard to find time. If I do get stuck somewhere, like in a long check out line in a grocery store, I usually reach for the book. There are always so many books I need to read....
    • Laci Carlson says

      I absolutely love to read as well.
  10. says

    I like to play the occasional game for stress relief or to kill time. I'm a candy crush junkie myself!

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