Oh! You’re A Boy Mom?



Okay, ya’ll before I had my son I always used to hear people say oh! “You’re a boy mom” and I thought that was so odd for some reason… I had my daughter 1st she’s 7 and no one ever said oh” “you’re a girl mom” so yep a little odd to me. But let’s just say my son Jack is 3 and I SO GET it now! I’m now that “crazy boy” mom and love it more than I ever thought possible! And three things I know for sure are: The 1st picture below sums up my life with my boy in one picture pure crazy fun madness & the 2nd picture shows how dang cute he is so gets away with way to much!!! and the 3rd being the worst he is so PICKY with any type of food even snacks! Now wild and crazy I can’t help you there but with the picky issue keep reading I can help!


** Yes he brought this dead squirrel in the house to me!!! This sums up what a mess he is!


 ** Yep this is why he gets away with ANTHING to cute!


The picture I have above might help out a little with the wild and crazy what mom do you know that wouldn’t love bust also need: Coffee, Wine, Essential Oils, Headphones, Good Detergent, football and a plug in so everything can smell a little better after dealing with stinky boys! oh! and don’t for get the sleep mask!!



Does anyone else have a picky eater for a toddler? Used to he would eat pretty much eat anything we set in front of him, and loved it all! Now? Not so much. If you ask Jack what his favorite foods are, he’d would tell you “pizza, and bread” – which is funny because yes he will eat pizza but not he bread of the pizza!


During one of my weekly trips to Publix, I was stocking up on healthy treats for my tiny tornado of a toddler to snack on because we are ALWYS on the go not ideal but the reality. As I was filling my cart with our usual items, I saw a new addition in the aisle that caught my eye and got a little overly excited – Gerber®’s new Lil’ Beanies™ snacks.



Gerber® Lil’ Beanies are actually the first bean-based snack in the baby aisle and are made from navy beans to deliver 2 grams of protein (9% Daily Value), 1 gram of fiber and 10% Daily Value of Vitamin E per serving.

I stocked up on Gerber Lil’ Beanies at my local Publix because they are currently 2/$4 and you can score an additional 75 cents off with this Ibotta offer. Gerber’s new baked snack can be found in the baby aisle.


 Does this sound like a snack that even your picky eater would like? What are some of your favorite picky eater approved snacks for kids?


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  1. says

    He is such a cutie! Loved reading about what each mom needs when raising a boy!
  2. says

    He's precious! I'm totally a boy mom too... But I'm hoping to have a girl someday and maybe my personality will change a little. ;-)
  3. says

    A dead squirrel .. what a wonderful gift. My son once came in with this huge bone - he was certain it was dino - I was pretty sure it wasn't but what I couldn't figure out was how a small boy could dig a hole that big and did he know where to dig - what is he a sniffer dog?
  4. linda smith says

    Such a cutie pie!! We love lil' beanies in our house, too!
  5. Paige Strand says

    That is such an interesting point, I wonder why people feel the need to categorize that, especially when people have daughters too.
  6. Justine @ Little Dove says

    Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe he brought you a dead squirrel! I would have lost it! And yes, essential oils are the best!!
  7. says

    My toddler loves those! Some other favorites are Belvita biscuits, string cheese, apple sauce, organic fruit snacks, and fiber one brownies.
  8. says

    What an adorable boy! He looks really happy with those Lil' Beanies
  9. momknowsbest15 says

    I am a four boy mom. Boys are so different to raise, mine are very active boys.
  10. says

    Aw, what a cutie! I get those Beanies, they're awesome. I love them because the original flavor is gluten free and dairy free. Perfect for my little guy with allergies.
  11. jillhudkins says

    There is DEFINITELY a difference between boys and girls. Love the stuff on your list!
  12. says

    OMG, that squirrel! Yes to the laundry detergent with boys. Mine was messy and my brothers were ridiculous!
  13. says

    I would have flipped out if m y son brought me a dead squirrel. It is amazing how crazy boys can make your life then girls.
  14. says

    Oh my, your son is adorable. Bringing is a dead squirrel sounds like something my husband would do. I swear they never grow out of that stuff. Lol
  15. says

    Your son is adorable. Its very interesting how much care and attention boys need.
  16. says

    OMG! I can't believe you son brought in a dead squirrel. I don't know how you reacted, but I know I would've cried and screamed first... and bathe him 10xs! I keep hearing about Lil' Beanies from other moms. I wonder if they're good. I'll have to pick some up when I stop by at Publix. Would be perfect for a Hurricane Matthew snack :)
  17. says

    I have one girl and two boys. I am so loving being a boy's momma later in life with the youngest.
  18. says

    Coffee and headphones are definitely an essential when you are a boy mum. Coffee for energy and headphones to block out noise lol!
  19. Elizabeth O. says

    I've always had my twins which are both girls. I don't have experience taking care of boys other than from relatives. I can imagine how much of a riot they can be but I'm sure it's worth it as well.
  20. says

    Love all your must haves for moms of boys. I have one daughter one son and another boy on the way.
  21. says

    Our little one LOVES lil beanies. I love how they easy they are for him to eat.
  22. itsahero says

    OMG! A SQUIRREL!! hahahah! You poor mama! xo
  23. workingmommagic says

    My kids loves these snacks! I am also obsessed with ibotta!
  24. says

    I'm a boy mama too. I love my son & yes, there is a huge difference from raising a girl to raising a boy. I don't care what anyone says!

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