On Island Time


Did something new on family vacation this year !! We took a boat shuttle to Shell Island located in Panama City Beach, FL.

center;”>It’s a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike, Shell Island is an approximately 7-mile long undeveloped barrier island running east to west between the Gulf of Mexico and the St. Andrew Bay. Here you’ll find Florida at its most natural, where graceful sand dunes, coastal scrub forest, pine hammocks, and an inland lake provide the perfect home for deer, nesting shorebirds, and all manner of coastal creatures.




It was something fun and different for me and the water was so clear it was amazing !!! But i am going to give you a few tips if you ever decided to go as well.

– No Restrooms.

– No trash cans.

– There is a boat there that’s docked selling snacks and hot dogs but I promise that’s ALL. But I think that’s one thing that makes it even better.

– If you take small kids with you it’s tough but worth just be prepared to walk walk and walk until you get where you want to set up for the day.

– We took lot’s of stuff with us cause we were told many many times take what ever you think you may want there is nothing. So we were killing our self cause we didn’t have a rolling cart thing to carry everything !! I’m telling you if your taking chairs, cooler, life jackets, play stuff and etc… get a rolling cart to haul it on your life will be so much easier.


– My husband caught some awesome huge crabs that were very close to the rocks.

– We took our snorkel gear so we could see all the fish up close it was so cool and not scary at all.

– Very fun to watch the boats come and go.

– I consider it very kid friendly.

– The beach the week we went was PACKED ! so it was a nice change and not so many people.

– You normally get dropped off on the bay side and have to walk to gulf side. When we go again i will pick a shuttle that drops on gulf side if possible.

– We did not collect many shells there are so many people going for that one reason they were picked over.

– It did feel kind of magical I would definitely go again.






We took the shuttle from St. Andrews State Park it was very easy to get in and out and they had the cheapest rates that i found. They had a shuttle that left every 30 min. We stayed almost for 4 hours and felt like we could have stayed longer. We didn’t get bored there were ton’s of things to keep you busy.

So glad i finally did something a bit different. My husband had been before but a 1st for me and i was impressed. None of the pictures I share here with you are filtered or changed @ all.

Have ya’ll ever been ? What did you think ?




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  1. says

    Looks like and sounds like you had a fantastic time! The no restrooms is not a good thing tho :-( I so enjoyed your island time, thank you for sharing.
  2. Dagmar m says

    I would love to go somewhere with water this clear!! So beautiful

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