More Issues Than Vogue.

Fash●ion: Noun A popular way of dressing during a particular time or among, a particular group of people. What is your first thought when you see a toddler in a trendy cable knit sweater a cute scarf dark skinny jeans and knee high leather boots ? Normally people think #1 Why kid fashion? #2 I wish i could dress my kids that way. #3 That kids wardrobe must cost a fortune. … [Read more...]

Frightened Emotions

What happens when you have a fear so great it stuns you ? When you hear the word fear whats your first thought ? Death, sickness, meaness etc... when i watch the evening news daily it appears to me peoples fears are coming true everyday. … [Read more...]

Un-flawed Concoction.

If you read the "About me" section at the top of my blog you already know i have a mixed / blended family. My daughter that will be five at the end of this month is 1/2 white and 1/2 black which equals a 100% un-flawed concoction. And my son that will be two in April is 100% white. Same as me and my husband. … [Read more...]

“I should have done that”

"I should have done that" "I shouldn't have done that" how many mom's say that on a daily basis ?? I do ! Why ?? Cause I am a victim of mom gulit. I feel mom guilt sometimes when people would be like what in the world. For example: 1. Not being more patient when they disobey. 2. For not having it me to be a stay at home mom. (Even if we were rolling in $.) 3. Taking time for myself even if it's my hour at the gym. 4. Not feeding them as healthy as I should. And the list piles up a mountain high !!! … [Read more...]