SPA Party

I always over-plan and over-spend. So this year when i started planning for my daughters 5th birthday i made a decision that i would figure out how to go the cheaper route and still be considered the "party of the year". And i succeeded !! First things first i made my mind up on the theme we have done tons of themes so i had to think a little bit. Year #1 we did princess with full candy bar. Year #2 I had the zoo come to our house they brought the Australian package kangaroos etc... Year #3 we did carnival then Year #4 Horses and Hairbows which brings us to this Year #5 Spa Day !! My … [Read more...]

Sensational Sushi.

Okay yall Halloween is one week and 2 days away !! Yay !!! I think i have my daughters costume bought (gypsy). But nothing for my son last minute queen right here !! So I started thinking i cant be the only one that has waitied until now to whip something up. So heres a little help if your in my boat. I made this 2 years ago. NO SEW SUSHI ROLL COSTUME. What you need: ●Low heat glue gun. ●White packing peanuts. ●Dollar store sponges. ●Black duct tape. ●Cardboard. ●Styrofoam. Optional Items: -Chopsticks. -Take out box. -Letters cut from cameo to spell sushi. -The soy … [Read more...]

More Issues Than Vogue.

Fash●ion: Noun A popular way of dressing during a particular time or among, a particular group of people. What is your first thought when you see a toddler in a trendy cable knit sweater a cute scarf dark skinny jeans and knee high leather boots ? Normally people think #1 Why kid fashion? #2 I wish i could dress my kids that way. #3 That kids wardrobe must cost a fortune. … [Read more...]

Frightened Emotions

What happens when you have a fear so great it stuns you ? When you hear the word fear whats your first thought ? Death, sickness, meaness etc... when i watch the evening news daily it appears to me peoples fears are coming true everyday. … [Read more...]

Carnival = Memories

October is party/festival season in our neck of the woods. October 28th is my daughters birthday but her party will be on the 26th this year. And on October 23 is the school fall festival which im in charge of. I love every min of PTO. … [Read more...]

Un-flawed Concoction.

If you read the "About me" section at the top of my blog you already know i have a mixed / blended family. My daughter that will be five at the end of this month is 1/2 white and 1/2 black which equals a 100% un-flawed concoction. And my son that will be two in April is 100% white. Same as me and my husband. … [Read more...]

“I should have done that”

"I should have done that" "I shouldn't have done that" how many mom's say that on a daily basis ?? I do ! Why ?? Cause I am a victim of mom gulit. I feel mom guilt sometimes when people would be like what in the world. For example: 1. Not being more patient when they disobey. 2. For not having it me to be a stay at home mom. (Even if we were rolling in $.) 3. Taking time for myself even if it's my hour at the gym. 4. Not feeding them as healthy as I should. And the list piles up a mountain high !!! … [Read more...]