Intentional Behavior.

You probably see people who always seem happy. They greet each day with a smile. They see the bright side of any situation.  They believe that people are inherently good. I have always considered myself one of those people. And I still am that person but have a few things that are nagging at me and making my outlook not so good. … [Read more...]

Dose of Endorphins !

No no no I don't go to the gym to get skinny I go to get my endorphins. If you want the best booty in the world ?? If you want to lose or gain weight excersise is amazing for everyone the benfits definitely out weigh any con. … [Read more...]

Gypsy Loving ♡

When people say where do you see yourself in 20 years ? Do you know the answer ? Have you thought about it ? I know my answer and i think about it often. In 20 years my daughter will be 24 and my son will be 21. That's makes me 50 ! … [Read more...]

The Al Sharpton Effect.

So I have had many mixed feelings about the fury in Ferguson some range from sadness to amazement. Doing a little research the Michael Brown story blew my mind. People have made this about color only purely black and white not about justice or what's wrong or right. … [Read more...]

Mother is a verb it’s something you do not who you are.

Great parenting lies somewhere between "don't do that" and "ah what the hell" Ever feel like your nerves are fried and you can't take anymore? You hide in the bathroom (possibly with a book) in the hopes of getting a chance to breath. Only instead what you get are the sounds of small fists pounding and little fingers poking from under the door like a scary movie. … [Read more...]

I never promised you a rose garden.

I have never had a green thumb and don't now but hey I'm getting there !! So far I'm doing great... am I still killing a few ?? Oh yes ! Thank goodness for the 1 year warranty at home depot. I'm more than likely the only living person to actually use this warranty. This is not a how to advice post it's a learn and fail with me report. … [Read more...]