Personality With Scrubs.


Cute scrubs are you sure they exists? Yes, for a while I was a skeptic but I came across Landau Scrubs and it changed the game for me. There are tons of different colors/prints and styles to choose from. I felt more classy in these and the comfort level is top of the line!! and I don’t look like I’m in my pajamas so that’s a win-win!

I work in the health care field as an Implementation Specialist basically that means I’m EVERYHTING healthcare forms and branding for hospitals all over the USA.. I love my job, but as a mom of two that I carry to cheer and ball practice right after work… I also want to look stylish in my scrubs as well. I mean I know ya’ll have heard cheer moms are insane well it’s true so I would hate not to have a little spunk at these practices and Landau Scrubs allows for such. Want to win a pair so you can rock it like me? Just enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post!

How to have more of a style personality with scrubs:


I always have unique nails but still keep it professional. Take a look I think it gives me more of a creative type vibe and adds a little flair.


Wild hair don’t care!! that’s actually about 80% true I have super thick hair that I can make curly or straight! But it has a mind of it’s on so some days I’m rocking the crazy hair and that adds a touch of personality as well even if some may confuse that with thinking I got struck by lighting.


I know all health care professionals don’t have the freedom to pick whatever shoes but if you do yay!!!! I do and it makes my soul happy. I always pick a pair of cute fun sneakers, sparkle flats or my monogrammed converse. I’m in Georgia we monogram everything!! having the choice to choose the shoes brings  a little character have fun!


The Facts:

  • Variety of color, cuts, prints and fits.
  • Exclusive Fabric Construction.
  • Huge sizing range.
  • Grab @, Amazon and fine scrub stores.
  • I have NEVER felt scrubs feel this good and hang just right for the perfect fit.
  • The new SMITTEN line is by far my new favorite.
  • The pockets are PERFECTION not floppy at all but still soft.


How do you dress for work to make it more fun and add personality? I would love to see!! I’m telling you don’t miss out on this it’s pure #scrublove! I’m lucky to work with some amazing people and everyday that I go to work I see someone in scrubs touching lives and that’s extra special to me!


Tell me what you think and go enter the giveaway below!!!!


Landau Scrubs Giveaway


Thanks so much for coming by you can thank me later for telling you about these all to awesome scrubs!!

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