Pick Flowers not Fights


If you’re going to have a motto might as well be a good positive one right? I’m all about and super happy for the mamas that can juggle it all and look so put together while mastering it. But let’s just say I’m not that mom, wife, friend or daughter…. I mean I try but I’m more of a hot mess gypsy soul type.

I have 2 kiddos and they are my world but do they still make me insane some days? yes yes they do….

I had a fun little photo shoot in mind for my daughter made a cute shirt “Pick flowers, not fights” paired it with more cuteness and hit up the local greenhouse. In my town everyone knows everyone and the owner didn’t mind a bit. He actually left me a key for after-hours.

Little did I know after our fun shoot that I would keep going back to that saying over and over! it’s so true I mean think about it at any given time picking flowers would be SO MUCH better than fighting!!

So…. I now have one of these pictures as my screen saver and try to remember to lighten up, pick my battles and think so what if the husband wants to go hunting 3 days a week, sometimes a cookie before supper is OK!, Yes, go play in the rain and love every minute I will clean up the grassy muddy mess you track in….it’s all good.

We are healthy, happy and about 60% of the time not super dysfunctional. I make my kids mind we have a routine but life is too short to be so uptight!

Do you have a motto or saying that kind of makes you stop and think hey woman chill out!? Tell me what they are they might help me too! so far this has been by far my fave!!




We live in north GA and got some pretty bad after effects of IRMA and we didn’t have power for 4 days so you can only imagine how many flowers I was actually picking in my head. 


A Few other of my FAVE quotes/get me back to reality sayings.

  • Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.
  • BE the reason someone smiles today.
  • Being happy never goes out of style.
  • Don’t stop until you’re proud.
  • Don’t count the days make the days count.
  • She dreams more often than she sleeps.
  • If it’s still in your mind it’s worth taking the risk.




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  1. says

    Such cute photos! And it's such a cute little reminder of where our priorities should lie.
  2. says

    I love the photo shoot. These sweet memories fly by all too quickly. It is so important to capture them!
  3. says

    Cute pics and great words! Make life a little simpler I say! We too often complicate simple things in life!
  4. says

    I wish they made the tee is big people's sizes. It's all sorts of wonderful! As for life mottos, I've always liked "Just be yourself" I'm happiest when I don't have to be what someone else wants me to be. x
  5. says

    We often read quotes and not really mind them, but once we contemplate, we suddenly appreciate their real content. It's happened to me so many time. Even this one, it actually just occurred to me this time!
  6. says

    What a great post! This filled me with positivity. Thanks for sharing this?
  7. says

    What a cute post! Love the font on that "Pick Flowers, Not Fights' top too. I try to remind myself, "Takes more energy to be mad, and less energy to be happy. So use your energy wisely." Haha :)
  8. says

    I agree it's best to be positive. Love the top with the moto that's great. I don't have a moto myself or a saying.
  9. says

    Do more things that make you forget to check your phone - YES!! I totally agree with this, the best days are the ones when your phone stays in your pocket. Gorgeous photos!
  10. says

    I would like to share with you one quote that always motivates me... You always "can". All you have to do is dream it. Great photos and inspirational quotes.
  11. babiestobookworms says

    I love that saying! I am totally the "dance in the rain" mom. My sister and I still like to run out in a rain storm and act silly together and we are in our 30s! Life is too short to worry about the wet clothes or the muddy mess on the kitchen floor. I will definitely be using this motto in the future. Your daughter is absolutely adorable, by the way!
  12. says

    Amazing photos and I absolutely loved an appreciated your quote list at the end - so inspiring : )
  13. says

    I absolutely LOVE this!! This may or may not be my new motto. It explains me and the way I view things so well and I love me some flowers. I like the relaxed laid back mom style just going with the flow! Your daughter is beautiful and so are these awesome photos.
  14. says

    Love this post! I love flowers and agree that we should enjoy life to the fullest. Great read and cute photo shoot!
  15. Bridget Riepl says

    this is fabulous and I love the photography!
  16. says

    I can be overly sensitive and quick to jump to conclusions sometimes so when I am feeling like that I will think of your mantra. Pick flowers not fights.
  17. says

    Really loved each and every word of your post. Sometimes we are so uptight with our routine life, that we miss our small happy moments. It is better to pick flowers than fights. A beautiful message explained so well.
  18. says

    The heading Pick Flowers and not fight was so deep in meaning and must to be thought for anyone in life. Loved the way you conceptualised it with your daughters. The photos are lovely too.
  19. Joanna says

    The photos are really cute and you have given life to your motto though them. Your daughter is the perfect model for this shoot because of her innocence. And yes, we should let go and just enjoy the rain, the mud, be care free.
  20. says

    Aww I love the quote, i really need to get a print for my wall! Also, you've styled your images so well, love the suitcase and flowers idea :)
  21. says

    That is quite a cute shirt that your daughter has on. And it is a very cute quote that does some up many things in life. I don't know whether I have a saying though or a quote that I use with my daughter. When we discuss issues it more comes down to asking her if she thinks thats a good way of handling an issue and why. She generally comes to good conclusions on her own. Then again I only have the one daughter so I don't have to worry about the fights much.
  22. Elizabeth O says

    Great words. Your daughter looks so pretty. I really like the idea of suitcase with flowers.
  23. says

    I love this! Is this your daughter? She's really beautiful! I really like the fact that you have some favorite quotes, and trying to live by them. I also try to do that, but sometimes reality hits you hard, so it's hard to "refocus" on them.. Anyway loved this post! It made me smile and it's been a really tough week for me! So thank you!

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