Pinteresting Trees VS. Our Tree.

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Everybody says I’m the opposite of OCD and normally that works out pretty well for me. I mean life is way to short to fold socks and worry about the dishes being lined up. Right ? Just kidding if your that way that’s okay my best friend is.

But it does come in handy when your kids want to be in total control of the Christmas tree ! In the years past I have never let them I always bought matching ornaments and placed where I wanted them and kinda let the kids hand them to me to hang etc…

I absolutely have a crafty heart and mind and would love a perfect matchy matchy tree but you know what when they are moved out and gone I have all the time to do that.

So my two little elf’s Jack (2) & Ca’Rin (5) handled it perfectly. And I enjoyed every second of sitting on the couch watching them.


This was the star of them wanting to be in charge.



They even got the stool out so cute !!



We painted and designed some ornaments as well they did so good they turned out cute !


Not bad right ?? I didn’t touch it !! It’s okay we have a half and half tree with a few holes… They were so excited they are still telling people and talking about it !! May be a new trend 1/2 red 1/2 black and dark brown. I’m very proud.

Now don’t get me wrong a girl can daydream right ? When my two tiny humans finally put me back in charge these amazing over the top Pinteresting tress will definitely be my inspiration. Take a look below.




Can’t help but be in love with the Ombre and you could decorate so amazing with this color scheme and add red through out the house.


Who wouldn’t love a purple peacock inspired tree !! So unique and fun. Not sure why the whole house matches but hey I would definitely have that tree.


Something about this rainbow tree just pulled me in immediately. Very festive and makes me feel all cozy… This will be in my house one day.


This is definitely my style and normally the route I would go I love the ribbon that says happy hoildays !


I really lives the different vibe this set up gave very cool and neat. Maybe would do this one day in our back living room as something extra.

So please do tell !! How do you do your tree ?? Kids help or no way ! Do you daydream about Pinteresting tress ??

Thanks so much for coming by y’all !!

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  1. says

    That's so awesome you gave your kids the chance to take full reign over the tree - as awesome as Pinterest's trees are, no one can fault the creativity of a child. Good going, mama!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Thx gjrl was actually fun and relaxing !!!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Thx girl !!! It was fun and relaxing
  2. says

    I love this! So sweet that you let them take control!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Awww thx I'm glad I let them do it.
  3. says

    I am always looking on Pinterest and I saw that purple tree and looked at my purple tree and I was about to knock it right on down like look at this mess I have up lol
    • Laci Carlson says

      Hahahhahaha love it !!!
  4. Sonya K says

    I've given control of the Christmas tree to my kids too. Growing up my mom always let us decorate and it was so much fun. I know my kids really enjoy decorating the tree. It's not the same as I would do it, but it matters more that they get to experience the joy of decorating the tree :)
    • Laci Carlson says

      Exactly I live that I let them do it. :)
  5. says

    You can't beat the creativity of kids decorating a tree! But some of those Pinterest trees are swoon worthy!
  6. says

    So adorbs!! I let the kids do the main tree this year with little turned out great! But they also have their own tree that they have total reign over! -Natasha |
  7. says

    This was such a cute and creative post. Christmas trees are always a big topic around this time of year so I loved seeing this post. Have a Merry Christmas and blessed New Year! XO, Ashley ||
  8. says

    Your tree looks great, and what makes Christmas trees so exciting are the little hands that help decorate it and the time spent as a family! :)
  9. says

    The tree looks great! I have been looking at Pinterest quite a bit lately for decoration ideas.
  10. says

    That last zest up! OMG! I would leave the whole thing up year round in our playroom! In the mean time I'm over here burning our tree up with lights...
  11. says

    You know, I think the best kind of tree uses your own creativity! Great ideas out on the internet and Pinterest, but you gotta love what you put together, too!
  12. says

    My mom never cared, she just made sure heavy ornaments were secure. My grandma is the OCD control freak, and only HER ornaments go on the tree. None of the ornaments my brother and I made over the years for her ever went on the tree. Mom always got them and she proudly hung them up.
  13. says

    So cute! I have a habit of letting my kids hand me the ornaments or pretend they are putting them up, then moving them later when they are not they have a little tree that they can decorate with all the ornaments only at the bottom. Your kids did well co sidering how little they are and it is special!
  14. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    Our tree is a mish mash of homemade ornaments and ones that we have picked up in our travels. I always wanted a Martha Stewart tree, but gave up that dream a long time ago lol.
  15. says

    You capture the memory right there! It's so cute. I love when family doing sweet thing like this altogether.
  16. says

    I love how yours came out. I think the pinterest trees are pretty to look at but I'm not sure I would have them as my own. I love how our tree is a mix of fun memories and random...LOL
  17. says

    I think your tree is adorable!! Having kids definitely puts a new spin on the decorations. But, that's what makes it truly your own!
  18. says

    I love this! I've tried it but I have boys and they are more interested in tipping my tree! Ha Ha Although, they did contribute a dinosaur this year!
  19. says

    I love that you let your kids decorate your tree! I let my two year old help me this year, but then he decided it was a fun game to start breaking my ornaments, so I decided he was still a little young. haha Your tree looks gorgeous!
  20. says

    I also let the kids decorate the tree. It feels good to watch them have fun while doing this.
  21. positivelystacey says

    The most beautiful Christmas trees are the trees that tell a story of family and love. They hands down beat designer trees every day of the week. Love your tree and the memories that you and your kiddos made together.
  22. says

    My tree looks a little like Charlie Brown's this year because we started decorating and then ran out of hooks. I found some a couple of days ago so we might finish before Christmas actually gets here.
  23. says

    Ooh the ombre tree looks amazing. I love the monochromatic touches and your kids did a great job.
  24. loisaltermark says

    It's so much more meaningful to let the kids get into the spirit of the holiday and decorate the tree. Yours looks great!
  25. says

    Your kids probably had a blast having control over the trees! Daydreaming about Pinterest trees are fun, but don't create the same kind of memories like the ones you created with your kids this year.
  26. says

    My daughter got to pick out new ornaments this year... but next year, the tree is all me! She picked pink ones so it's cute though! My dream tree is a big fake white one. I think those are the prettiest thing in the world.
  27. says

    Your tree is really nice! I think your tree should match your life. Especially if your kids help decorate. These fancy trees are usually not touched by children I'm sure. But I do love the last one. It's extremely European.

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