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Hey ya’ll it’s almost the New Year yay !!!! It’s one of my favorite times of the whole year. New fresh start everyone making promises to do things better and us Planner Lovers are going crazy on the new planner releases and how we want to decorate it. This is set flows well and matches a lot of the popular planners.

This year I am committed to stepping up my planner designs up and sharing more with yall… I enjoy it and love sharing with people who really like them all.

I’m always open to ideas and love to hear from yall on what colors and what type of stuff you want to see week to week.

On all my post I share the basic tips on printing and cutting that work best for me. And a lot of you already know all those details but if I have a new reader I want them ton be well informed as well.


** I print on a little bit heavier paper.

** I use a cutting board to cut my personal designs out it’s easier & better than trying to hand cut.

** I print some of mine at home but I also have been using the print shop @ Staples very reasonable.


Divider 1 pic Divider 2 pic Divder pic 4 Divider 3 pic


insert 3 insert 2 insert 1 inseert 6 insert 5

I love these ya’ll !!! And they are so cute and flow so perfect in my planner !!!


Planner More 1

Planner More 2

Planner More 3

Planner More 4

Thanks so much for coming by means so much !!!

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  1. positivelystacey says

    Wow! What a great design! I love the florals and the colors. This would really help me get organized!

  2. Elizabeth O. says

    Those are so lovely! I would like to try making my own planner someday, but for now I’ll stick to the generic commercial ones. LOL.

  3. says

    These planner pages are a really helpful organizational tool. It is so much more cost effective to be able to print off only what is needed instead of purchasing an complete planner at once and not getting full use of all the pages.

  4. Chel says

    Those are too cute!! I’m horrible when it comes to planning because I used up all my planning materials within the first few months then forget to restock and stop doing by the end of year. But not this year! I will totally make it a goal to use a planner all the way through the whole year.

    The flowers are so pretty and I love the to do list note pad. Totally need that if you make owls. :O IDEAS?!!! Owls or birds. Just saying. Lol.

    Lovely. Now I need to look through to see what other printable you made.

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