Quilt Obsession.

WOOT WOOT IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY!!! I live in North GA and we are finally feeling a chill in the air and a soft breeze. It’s almost like you can feel something new coming a new job, a new amazing big coffee mug whatever it may be when you feel that crisp air it makes you feel a little “new” and more alive!! Right? It can’t be just me!

Well my NEW alive and free feeling is coming from when I picked up my DSLR camera this past February and starting “playing” I was taking pictures of my kids daily they were so over it!!! I knew I wanted to learn everything I could in a short period of time so I could maybe offer creative services!!! I have come SO SO far from February but of course still years to go with the learning.

I consider myself a “creative photographer” that’s actually my title on my business cards. I let people know up front if you come to a session with me I want you to have fun, relax and not dred it! I don’t do serious. stressed and uptight it’s just not in my DNA.

My new obsession is QUILTS oh my GEEZ!!! I never thought I would be collecting quilts but I’m in love and well when I do something it’s both feet in all or nothing!! My quilt collection now belongs to Luxe Lens Photography (my little company) but think of all the memoirs and stories these quilts hold in the tread that makes them so pretty!!!!


I am going to show you some fun/amazing pictures here that feature the Luxe collection and how I use them in my sessions. Hopefully you feel inspired and take a quilt with you to your next session or scout out an awesome photographer that has a neat collection!!!


What do you think? Are you now obsessed?? Do you have quilts in your family? Have you found an amazing resale shop for quilts online? Please show me tell me!!

Thanks so much for coming by today means a lot!! Hope I left you feeling inspired!!

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  1. says

    they must have loved these photos!! how fun to have a quilt as a prop. so perfect for fall too!
  2. certifiedpastryaficionado says

    OMG these quilts are so cute! I love the idea of personalizing them into a family quilt or something. Super cute!

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