Raising A Brown Child.


I live in Georgia in a tiny town. That’s full of old people and church goers. I love it here. But is there judgement & racism of course.

When I was younger I was in a very long relationship with a black man which resulted in my amazing daughter that’s absolutely changed my life around.

Now the issues me and him had are whole different story that your more than welcome to read about in one of my previous post.

I’m currently happily married (to a white man). And also have a little boy by him.

My daughter & son in their hearts have the same dad. She has no relations with her biological father.

Now what does this post have to-do with “Raising a brown child”? Lately all I see in the news and on social media is race debates. After everything that happened in Charleston it seems like everyone became more intense. Yes that boy deserves the death penalty for what he did anyone any color would deserve that. And yes I realize it was race motivated.

But do black people not realize they are just as racist as all these white people that hate people of different color? It’s blowing my mind of all the hate and comments I see that they think is “OK” but for an example the Confederate flag is not ?

My child is brown why would I ever be offended of people referred to her as such ? Why be defined and so consumed with a color that it completely rules your mind and soul ?

Yes racism is alive and well but no matter what you can’t always change what people were taught at a very young age. Does that make it right or okay? No but it’s never going to be totally gone.

Right now in my home town if we went out and talked to white and black people I promise you I could take you to just as many black people that don’t like whites and vise versa. Again does that make it right? No.

I refuse !!!! For my daughter to grow up focused on her race and what offends her ! Fight for what don’t offended you is what I hope for her. Work harder, learn better, pray daily, and live a full life. And realize everyone does not have to like everybody!

Everyday I see a new law suit of someone because they are offended. Latest one was Victoria’s Secrets “nude” under garments are for white people only.  So they were gonna boycott them not just move two rows of panties down and grab a brown pair. That were also in the “nude” section ??

Just like everyone has an opinion and this is mine. I will receive back lash and bad comments for this post and I’m okay with that. But in reality there is so many thing whites could be “offended” about as well:

BET Television
Tyler Perry & who he chooses to hire.
“Cracker” is not a bad word.
Certain collages are still considered only “black”.
Rappers can say it but no one else.
White girls take ” their ” men.
There has been tons of black shooters as well.

And the list could go on for days on both sides of any race.

This was on social media today as “news” now granted this woman is crazy but obviously she has major mental issues and needs professional help but it sparked the comments you will see below.



Now is that not also very racist?

I know there is idiots on each side but it just hurts my heart there is so much hate. No matter what to load a gun and kill innocent people of course your full of hate but there is also something very wrong mentally. It takes more than just being racist than to load a gun and kill God’s people.

I guess I’m just so torn cause of course I see both sides but it’s also time to grow up and say so what and love who you are on the inside. And that’s what I hope for my “brown” child. When and if she feels offended that it just doesn’t bother her at all !!! Is that so bad ???

Now it seems like everything is only black or white why can’t we see things for what it really is and be logical. Even though I have see tons of people of both race being very amazing and supportive to each other. Lately it just seems more of the other !

When people look at me funny white or black when me and my daughter are out to eat I don’t get offended ever. Maybe I’m alone in thinking this way.

Just hoping more people wake up. In the mean time I will be loving every minute raising my brown child. That made me such a better person.


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  1. says

    My children are bi-racial. Really, don't like that term because honestly, nearly all Americans are a "mix" of European, Asian, African cultures if they trace back their ancestry. But my hubby is from the country of India. He came to the states to get his Masters degree. I'm a very "white" blonde, raised in Iowa. But we currently reside outside Charleston, SC. Yes, racism goes BOTH ways. Until our country stops asking the "what is your race?" question, it will not change. Thanks for sharing.
  2. says

    Sending love to you and your beautiful family.. it is sad that peoples hearts are sometimes full of hate. :-(
  3. says

    I feel like if we treat race like it's not a big deal, maybe it racism would dwindle? I hear you and respect you for posting your opinion so boldly here. Racism stems from hate and hate does no one any good.
    • Laci Carlson says

      Yes right now its way to much !! Uggg :) thx !!!
  4. Brea says

    I don't get people sometimes. I'm so glad that you are comfortable enough to speak out. Huge hugs to you. You are an amazing example for your babies.
  5. says

    Power to you for posting you opinion so boldly. I do believe racism goes BOTH ways. The only way to make it better is to just love. love everyone.
  6. chbernard says

    It sounds like you have a very beautiful family Laci! There is so much hate in the world both related and unrelated to race. We are all people and that should be all that matters, unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. Good for you for stating your opinion, it takes a lot of courage. Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link Party this week, I hope you will party with us again next week!
  7. says

    I prefer the term "Saltine American", thank you ;-) Racism is definitely alive and well on both sides and I completely agree that it will probably never fully go away.
  8. says

    This is such an important thing to talk about... a family friend of mine has twins and only one has the complexion of her father. (One white twin, one Black twin), and she struggles consistently with how to raise both of her children in a small town that treats one of them lesser.
    • Laci Carlson says

      It really is I have really make it a point to make sure they both feel good and happy and understand it all thanks so much for commenting

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