Sequins Spotlight #7


This week I am loving !!! 


Maggie is the amazing person behind Less House More Home. Go Check her out. My favorite part of blogging is connecting with others. I am super lucky to have met so many amazing women. 

week 7


I started my blog when my husband and I recently moved to Colorado from North Carolina. I’ve always loved doing crafty projects around the house and giving thriftstore finds a new life & purpose! I finally started the blog as a way to keep track of all my projects and show others how easy and fun it can be to Do-it-Yourself 🙂

I have a (MAJOR) sweet tooth so I post my favorite dessert recipes on the blog too! It gives me a great reason to bake a batch of cookies lol If I had my way, people would be eating dessert after every meal 🙂

Less House, More Home isn’t my full time job but it gives me an escape and helps me stay creative (and get projects done!). The blogging community is ah-mazing! And I love how much I’m learning from others and connecting with bloggers who are just as obsessed with thrift stores as I am. Follow me on Instagram to see sneak-peeks of projects I’m working on!!

Check out my blog here:






Thanks so much for stopping by !!




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    Are you enjoying NC? I moved here from Hawaii 8 years ago and it was a bit of adjustment, but now I do enjoy it here!
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    Exciting! This is a new to me blog. I can't wait to dive in and read her blog. Thanks for sharing!!
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    Just checked out her blog. I love it! Thanks for spotlighting her! :D

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