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It’s still sunny and 80 in Georgia Ya’ll, Just because school is in session doesn’t mean the summer fun has to stop. I’ve always tried to be a fun, cool hands on mama and come up with ideas to keep my kids excited and happy. I have been wanting to create a lemonade stand for a few months and really go all out so when I saw an opportunity to do that and tie in a good lesson I jumped on it!! We live in the deep south in a small tiny town and normally always take the time to hold the door, say thanks more than once, care about other people and even toss a few dollars to the man holding the sign at Walmart. But that doesn’t mean I have really taught my daughter about sick kids and those that are not healthy all the time she was born strong and sassy the day she arrive at 8 pounds 10oz so I never really had to”explain”.


So I wanted to teach her and mix in a little fun in the process we tried juggling and well lets just say we will leave that to the professionals…. so we created an amazing lemonade stand for friends, family and neighbors to come visit and all proceeds went to Ronald McDonald House Charities which has helped provide help and resources for families so they can be less stressed and focus on the child they love with everything in them! They help with some of the financial strain on families with sick children by providing housing that is near their hospitalized child. I can’t imagine having to go through that but I do know I would want to be a closer as possible to the hospital where my child was receiving care. We live comfortable but that’s because we both work 40-50 hours a week if we didn’t work I don’t know if we would be able to afford what #RMHC helps with and that’s a HUGE piece of mind!!


We really did “TRY” the juggling act and well let’s say this this picture does them WAY more justice:



How to do it?

So how in the heck do you start an online fundrasier? it’s so easy! I just went to Raise Love fundraiser page & clicked the big yellow ‘start a fundraiser’ tab on the right. It’s simple step by step on how to get you going it’s mom proof and fast!!!


What’s the VISION?

In 2016, RMHC helped provide 2.4 million overnight stays to families with a sick child.  This year, RMHC is asking each of us to start a fundraiser doing what we love to provide an additional 12,500 more overnight stays for families in need by the end of 2017. This way, families with a sick child can spend more time together, be closer to the doctors, and be near their child when life decisions need to be made.


A few ideas to get your fundraiser started?

  • Bake Sale.
  • Yard Sale.
  • Read a book a thon.
  • Fishing for funds.

Really come up with anything you love and run with it, but the most important thing is to HAVE FUN!!!! You can’t go wrong when your heart is in the right place.


Learn more about RMHC


This fun lemonade setup was super easy and cost only about $40 for everything so go get started!!!

Give a little donation to the #RMHC lemonade stand. Together, we can help keep families together and help RMHC meet their goal of 12,500 additional overnight stays. Because sometimes, the only medicine for a sick child is having family within arms reach.




Thanks so much for coming by!!!! It means a lot and please feel free to ask me any questions about #RMHC

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  1. Jenna M Wood says

    That lemon in her hair is precious! This is the sort of thing I do whenever my niece comes to visit- cupcakes and lemonade for her charity of choice.
  2. says

    I love this idea so much!! I have two daughters and definitely want to teach them this valuable lesson! Your girl is gorgeous!
  3. Vil says

    What an amazing idea! Love that you are encouraging such a great act of kindness!
  4. Cassie says

    What a creative idea for fundraising!
  5. says

    She is precious. Wonderful pictures and wonderful purpose.
  6. says

    I love that y'all did this. I agree this is such a great charity that helps families when they need it most. Angela
  7. says

    How adorable are these photos and what a great idea!
  8. confettiandbliss says

    What an adorable little girlie with a beautiful heart. I love that you've helped your daughter learn about the importance of helping others and have donated the proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House. That lemonade stand is so lovely! :-)
  9. babiestobookworms says

    This is such a great cause! I loved having lemonade stands as a kid. I will definitely keep this in mind when my daughter is old enough to have one!
  10. says

    What an amazing way to teach your daughter about the importance of giving back and instilling kindness in her soul! Great job mama!
  11. says

    I love that your daughter is learning how to care for others in such a generous way. The lemon in her hair is rockstar!!
  12. Stephanie | You Are My Son Shine says

    What an awesome idea! And always good to get children involved in helping others.
  13. Joscelyn says

    What a sweet idea! So important to give back when we can!
  14. says

    I saw the beautiful picture on Instagram and I was so curious to see the full story! This is absolutely fantastic, even more beautiful with the whole story!! Thank you for sharing and for what you're doing!!
  15. April@loveourreallife says

    What a wonderful way to teach your precious daughter to help others! Great work, momma!
  16. says

    This is a great way to show your daughter acts of service and compassion for those in need. Her outfit is adorable, as well!
  17. ricepotatobkk says

    What a wonderful initiative!
  18. says

    I love this post! RMHC is such a great cause and I love that charity. So cool that you can work with them to start your own fundraiser so easily. Also, the lemon in her hair is absolutely precious, and such a good shot!
  19. says

    I love that you did this. Your daughters outfit is absolutely adorable, too. Great work, mama!
  20. Erin says

    This is the most beautiful lemonade stand ever! Your daughter is beautiful, too! Such an important lesson and looks like y'all had a great time. Thank you for sharing!
  21. says

    What great ideas! I love how it gets kids involved in doing charity work ❤️ I know my daughter would love to set up a fundraiser!
  22. says

    Great suggestions! I hadn't thought of a Book a Thon - that's a good one for my 3rd & 5th graders who love to read! :)
  23. says

    This such a cool idea for teaching your children to give back! I love it! And your daughter is beautiful! https://officiallychic.com/
  24. says

    I love how you took a fun childhood activity and turned it into something for a greater cause. I also love how much fun you guys seemed to have during this, and also turned it into a mini-photo shoot! Your daughter is too cute, and I adore her outfit!
  25. says

    This is a wonderful idea and a great way to instill the value of giving !
  26. says

    OK, She's the cutest ever in her adorable skirt! And what a great idea and wonderful way to giveback! I love how great your stand turned out!

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