Summer Essentials-What I keep in my beach bag.



Summer Essentials- What I keep in my beach bag that I can’t live without…


Ya’ll me and the husband are kid FREE in Florida this week it’s been so long I’m not sure I know how to act. I’m here for the sunshine and as much beach time as possible. Take a look what’s in my bag for a full fun day so I don’t have to go back and forth to the resort. All I need is my bag and okay maybe the…. Tiki bar!

Whether you like to lug around your summer must-haves and beach basics, a properly stocked beach tote is essential in promising you’ll have a fabulous beach escape.  


These are my beach bag must-haves:

  1. Bottled Iced Coffee I’m a caffeine junkie I admit it!
  2. Every beach bag needs a towel mine happens to be super cute and monogrammed (Hey I’m from GA we monogram everything!)
  3. An assortment of reading materials is defiantly a MUST. Hello relaxation.
  4. Sunglasses not only protect my eyes from the bright rays, but the perfect shades add a flair of style at the beach.
  5. Suave Body wash is ALWAYS in my bag in case I use the outdoor shower at the resort… I’m good to go and my favorite scent refreshes me perfectly!

Pull together these beach bag essentials and tuck them in a cute tote and you are ready for the beach.

What items to do you toss in your bag for a full fun day in the sun on the sand!! I’m a gypsy beach girl at heart and when I go to the beach I’m there to stay on the sand!!

When it comes to my body wash I’m picky I can’t help it my ALL TIME FAVES ARE:

Cocoa Butter & Shea (This is DEF my beach pick)

Ocean Breeze

Tropical Coconut

They all 3 smooth my skin perfectly, and the scents are THE best! Do you have a suave Favorite. If you don’t yet you’re clearly missing out so…. run and take the quiz and find out which is THE one for you! I mix my collection up I couldn’t be faithful to one, can you?


Click the # above take the quiz and at the end you get an amazing ibotta coupon! That’s a win-win!  You can thank me later….

I brag on what I love and this product is a must for me! Not only are they perfect for my skin I can buy them all and not break the bank!! #SuaveBeauty

So far my go to beauty body wash has been with me to:

Clearwater Beach

Treasure Island Beach

St. Pete Beach

Panama City Beach

Shell Island

Myrtle Beach

And so many more!!!  Where will yours go?


Thanks so much for coming by!!!

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  1. says

    I love those Suave products and ngl, I love showering outside lol when I was little my grandfather rigged one up to our garage and I'd be under that thing all the time!!
  2. thediystyle says

    Thats an interesting giveaway
  3. says

    I'm with ya on being picky about body washes girl! I need them to not strip my skin of all its moisture.. and I love the iced coffee in your bag lol caffeine is a must!
  4. says

    I, too, am so picky about my body wash- the smell and the fell can vary so much between brands! Thanks for sharing this one!
  5. babiestobookworms says

    I definitely agree with the variety of reading materials. Nothing says relaxing by the water like a great book or magazine!
  6. says

    Suave is so underrated! Their products always smell so good & they don't break the bank. I also keep chapstick & a pair of headphones in my bag in addition to most of the stuff on your list! Great post - thanks for sharing!
  7. says

    All beach bag musts! An iced coffee and reading materials...yes!
  8. says

    And every caffeine junkie says yes! Coffee is a must have with beauty essentials. Perfect combo!
  9. says

    What a good point on bringing body wash to the beach for the outdoor showers! I never think of that!
  10. says

    We're headed to the beach next week so this is perfect!
  11. says

    Oooh I always love when bloggers shout out affordable products. I'll check these out!
  12. says

    I'm mad for anything with coconut for the shower, Tropical Coconut variety is just my style!
  13. says

    I cannot say anything about the product. As I am not aware or not available in my country. But I did like the write up. But outdoor showers with that product sounds fun.
  14. says

    It's the first time I heard about Suave but already impressed by the variation of the products they have. I'd love to check in the local store here if the have Suave products.
  15. kaidigger says

    Great list, as a fitness athlete i always carry protein bars, water bottle and other gadgets like my headphone, dslr and tripod :)
  16. says

    Great holiday list of products and essentials here. We don't have Suave products here in Ireland but if I see them in the future here I'll be sure to give them a try out.
  17. TColeman says

    Suave is such an amazing brand with so much to offer. I love that they have so many scents to choose from.
  18. says

    Sunscreen, water, and snacks are a must for my beach bag! I've never thought about body wash, but now I may have to pack some.
  19. says

    The Suave bodywashes sound lovely especially the cocoa butter one. Sunglasses are a definite must for me, especially on a trip to the beach! x
  20. says

    This is an awesome list! I also love protein bars. I collect water bottles and my headphones are a must, beach or not! Thanks for sharing!
  21. says

    Water, towels, tissues and sunglasses are must in my beach bag. Suave products looks cool and I have never used them. Definitely will try these products specially cocoa butter bodywash.
  22. says

    Suave is just great. With such a huge variety of scents to choose from, it is actually a brand you can never get bored of. Thanks for the list.
  23. says

    Great essentials! I love Suave body washes! They always have such great smelling scents, and they leave my skin feeling so soft!
  24. says

    They always have a nice selection of products too. They smell nice as well!
  25. Chelsea Elizabeth says

    Outdoor showers is an absolutely genius idea! I've never heard of this brand before but I had a quick google of it and their range looks pretty good!
  26. Kelly Reci says

    I am a user of Suave. I really like the scent of the ocean breeze, It leaves my skin so soft and smooth. And the scent after bathing is still on my body. So refreshing
  27. Julie Syl says

    This looks like a great essential for beach. I do really like Suave especially that coconut butter & shea, I really love the scent of it.
  28. says

    Those are great things to have at the beach. I use a lot of them myself. And cold coffee is great idea for us coffee-lovers.
  29. Our Family World says

    My beach bag contents are similar to yours! The only thing different is that I always take a medical emergency kit with me, complete with all our rescue meds.
  30. says

    Lucky you being in Florida, I live in Ireland where we have no need for beach bags as it is always raining. Have to admit to do love cocoa butter and shea and anything that smells of coconut. We don't get that brand here in Ireland but when I'm next in the States I'll have a look for it.
  31. Takara Ayana says

    I keep the same essentials in my bag except the coffee. I've only been to one of the beaches you mentioned :(. Need to explore more!
  32. says

    Living in Florida I feel like a lot of these were car must haves since you never knew when you might end up at the beach!
  33. says

    The creams look great, I am sucker for nice smelling creams, in various scents.
  34. says

    Oh, I have a feeling these smell absolutely amazing!! and enjoy your florida time alone girlfriend!!
  35. says

    Suave has never done me wrong! And I'm super jealous of the vacay. Enjoy!
  36. ashleyharg says

    Suave is one of my favorite brands!! I love this post!
  37. Sarah Hock says

    I am from Florida! I hope you had lots of fun!! A good book is always a must! :)
  38. says

    So relaxing to be on the beach without kids. I want to try the tropical coconut!
  39. says

    Love your list! I like the idea of taking a few beauty must haves so you don't have to go back to the room all the time! So smart!
  40. Katherine says

    Would love a little getaway this Fall! Heading to Bowen Island in October with some friends and can't wait!
  41. says

    Bottled iced coffee is a big one for me too. I need caffeine more than ever lately. Angela
  42. homeboundbuthopeful says

    Oooh, that tropical coconut scent sounds like something I would love! Thanks for sharing!
  43. says

    I've never tried Suave body wash. My beach bag musts are lip balm, sunscreen, and my epipen.
  44. says

    Great list for the beach! Hope you had fun in Florida! xo, Jessy |

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