Farmacy Fresh.

By now you know I love trying a little bit of everything especially when it comes to beauty products !! And you are definitely in for a treat ! I teamed up with Farmacy to test and try these amazing products: Soothing Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask New Day Gentle Exfoliating Grains. Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm. 2 Lip Blooms. … [Read more...]

What are y’all reading?

Hey y'all !!! Thanks so much for coming by today !! This post is all about my new favorite book. I bought this book on my own so this all very honest and open opinion. I have always read mostly romantic books for fun. Or good beach reads that are easy reading. I bought this book on a 100% whim cause so many people had  it talked up on Instagram. And I'm sooooo glad I got it !!! I have never in my life had a book speak so much to me !! I believe in God I pray I go to church sometimes etc... This is a Christen book and so amazing you would never think so !!! … [Read more...]

Bloggers Gonna Blog

Okay so by now y'all know I live in a town about the size of a mini van. We have a Walmart & a Waffle House I know classy right ? Nah... I love it though... Small town living is amazing but not so much when you want new and "different" stuff. So when I started blogging and meeting new people. I was blown away with the uniqueness of organic products and all the neat amazing things that people make and have won me over with way more than my items I buy online from Sephora. … [Read more...]