Thrift Store Swap #3

It's time for the THIRD Thrift Store Swap! You know what that means... awesome thrift store transformations! The best part about the third swap? It's all about the Holiday's!! You'll find awesome Thrift Store Transformations and amazing Holiday transformations! Plus we've expanded the swap to 12 fabulous bloggers so we have 24 amazing projects for you! … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Swap!

This is the most fun I have had with the most amazing people in a really long time. Not only do we get closer as blog friends everyday but we rock the Thrift Store Swap. Lyn @ Mid Michigan Mom came up with this unique idea !! And so far 10 of us have joined in !! What we do is each person goes to a thrift store and gets two items under $10 to send to another person for them to recreate and do a DIY project. 1/2 the fun is that that you have no idea what your getting it's so neat !!! I sent my two items to Betsy @ Happily ever After, Etc. & I got mine from Lisa @ Five Kids A Dog & A … [Read more...]

Welcome Home Wednesdays Party 4

Hey y'all, Welcome to the fourth ever fabulous Welcome Home Wednesdays link-party! Each week out little part has new guests... and we're so glad you're here to party with us! So bring your friends and link up something awesome... we love to see your smiling faces around here! Leave us a comment to let us know you stopped by and we'll do the same when we visit your link! The party will start each Wednesday at 7am CST... and we'll be here bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to party! Stop by and share your fabulous posts... we would love to read them and share them with our friends! Meet … [Read more...]

#SeptemberScopers Challange

I'm laughing so hard cause I just did my 1st ever periscope. Or actually 1st video on anything ever. I didn't even know if it had sound !! I had to ask one of my tribe members. I said I would never do snap chat and I haven't and won't. I also said k refuse to periscope but I now am and its so comical it makes it fun and care free. Me and a few friends have commited to  30 day Scopers challenge here is the ideas for the 30 days. To join us you don't have to stick to our topics its just here for help. If your looking for professional scopers well I'm not your girl. But I do promise to show … [Read more...]

Welcome Home Wednesdays Party 3

Hey y'all, Woot Woot party #3 for us and we are loving it. Thanks so much for coming by and building with us !! Welcome to the third ever fabulous Welcome Home Wednesday link-party! We're so glad you're here to party with us! Last week we had such a good turn out... we were ecstatic that so many cool people wanted to party with us! Hopefully this week we'll see the same smiling faces from last week... and a couple new faces as well! Either way we'll be here each week at Wednesday at 7am CST... bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to party! Stop by and share your fabulous posts... we would … [Read more...]