DIY Repurposed Quote Globe

This was so much fun ! Definitely my top 5 crafts I have ever created. Lately I have been seeing these amazing unique glove with quotes everywhere ! And I was so smitten I had to make one ASAP ! And I did it for so cheap ! It came out exactly like I wanted it. I plan on making more in different colors and quotes... This globe was given to me by a co-worker but I recently bought 2 more on E-bay for super cheap so look there if you can't find one at Goodwill or another thrift store. … [Read more...]

3 Last Minute DIY Valentine Garlands.

If yall are anything like me you have a craft stash? My husband went hunting this weekend and I pulled together a bunch of odds and ends to make 3 very cute garlands. They make the house more festive I even took one to work.... Don't worry don't have a lot of this at home? If not most of this can be bought at the dollar store for very very cheap. … [Read more...]

DIY Easy Peppermint Oatmeal Soap

I have been on a huge Essential Oil kick lately in my bath, my diffuser I even made some DIY Essential oil necklace's. I'm a born crafter at heart I just love it especially when it's easy, fun and cheap. Of course you can go out and buy cute soap but with this you do it and know EXACTLY what's in it & gives it special meaning when and if you want to give as a gift. … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Swap #3

It's time for the THIRD Thrift Store Swap! You know what that means... awesome thrift store transformations! The best part about the third swap? It's all about the Holiday's!! You'll find awesome Thrift Store Transformations and amazing Holiday transformations! Plus we've expanded the swap to 12 fabulous bloggers so we have 24 amazing projects for you! … [Read more...]

DIY Essential Oil Necklace

  These are so awesome ya'll !!!! I'm definitely over excited about them ! Tonight me and my sisters had craft night for us and the kids so fun !!! And this what I took to make for all of us. It turned out way better than expected. I mean it's so neat and unique feel. I will be giving these as gifts this year with a bottle of essential oil. Perfect cute combo. It didn't cost me one penny to make these cause I had everything if I make tons more I will have to buy a few things but it will still be very cheap. … [Read more...]

Paint Party Sneek Peek !

Hey y'all !! By now you know I'm a party planning wild woman. 2 a year @ the very least. This year on October 25th my daughters party will be a Creative Canvas type party. You will see the whole master peice a few days after. But I wanted to show you a sneek peek of the prep work I've been doing cause its really cool and so easy !! I was excited !! … [Read more...]

Thrift Store Swap!

This is the most fun I have had with the most amazing people in a really long time. Not only do we get closer as blog friends everyday but we rock the Thrift Store Swap. Lyn @ Mid Michigan Mom came up with this unique idea !! And so far 10 of us have joined in !! What we do is each person goes to a thrift store and gets two items under $10 to send to another person for them to recreate and do a DIY project. 1/2 the fun is that that you have no idea what your getting it's so neat !!! I sent my two items to Betsy @ Happily ever After, Etc. & I got mine from Lisa @ Five Kids A Dog & A … [Read more...]

So Your Not Martha Stewart?

In the world of Pinterest its hard to feel like you can't cook, can't clean and it kinda makes you panic when you want to try a craft. Don't let it everyone is good at what they are good at and actually want to-do. I enjoy very simple crafts that are cheap and DIY. It's like a stress reliever for me. This little craft was obviously so easy but so worth it. … [Read more...]