Exclusive Planner Goodies @ Sequins

Yes Yes I am a planner Addict... That's okay right? I love all the possibility's of making a planner  custom, cute and your own. For the past few months I have been bring you free printables and I LOVE doing that and creating stuff and thinking of new ideas. But I want to bring you designs that can't be bought on Etsy and that are 100% exclusive to Sequins in the South. So I have teamed up with an amazing graphic designer. This is week #1 for us but we will be bringing new designs each week and or course they will only get better and better. … [Read more...]

Pretty Pretty Planner Printables.

   Hey ya'll it's almost the New Year yay !!!! It's one of my favorite times of the whole year. New fresh start everyone making promises to do things better and us Planner Lovers are going crazy on the new planner releases and how we want to decorate it. This is set flows well and matches a lot of the popular planners. … [Read more...]

A5 Dashboards + Free Printables.

Hey y'all !! I love creating eye candy and here you will find a set of free downloadable A5 Dashboards. This set is Gold/Mint/Black & White. The last set I shared I had a bit of confusion on what could be shared how and where and etc.... So I removed that post now that I have FULL knowledge I will start providing weekly free Printables for planner lovers. Yay !! … [Read more...]