Exclusive Planner Goodies @ Sequins

Yes Yes I am a planner Addict... That's okay right? I love all the possibility's of making a planner  custom, cute and your own. For the past few months I have been bring you free printables and I LOVE doing that and creating stuff and thinking of new ideas. But I want to bring you designs that can't be bought on Etsy and that are 100% exclusive to Sequins in the South. So I have teamed up with an amazing graphic designer. This is week #1 for us but we will be bringing new designs each week and or course they will only get better and better. … [Read more...]

A5 Dashboards + Free Printables.

Hey y'all !! I love creating eye candy and here you will find a set of free downloadable A5 Dashboards. This set is Gold/Mint/Black & White. The last set I shared I had a bit of confusion on what could be shared how and where and etc.... So I removed that post now that I have FULL knowledge I will start providing weekly free Printables for planner lovers. Yay !! … [Read more...]