DIY Eclectic Chair Planter

Everyone loves simple craft DIY projects !! I love to craft but I also love instant results. Anyone can do this I promise you won't be disappointed. I was even eating during the project (see pic). I am definitely a plant junkie and my weakness is succulents. So that's the plants I used for my chair but you can use any plant. What you need : •° Old Chair. °• Sand Paper. •° Plants. °• Paint if you don't want to just leave weathered. •° Wire or Hanging basket shell. I took pictures of the whole process so ya could see mine and me in action. But it's so fun and so simple I'm going to … [Read more...]

Crinkle, Ruckle, Scrunch You Can Knit !

I consider myself crafty and love to make everything especially trying out something new. So a few weeks ago i got it in my mind i wanted to knit a scarf. And i wanted to-do it the easiest no fuss way !! So I jumped on Pintrest and You Tube and poked around and looked at all the options i had. Picked up my yarn a few times and kept messing up. So i volunteered my husband to help me learn haha !!! He has more patience than i do. Now keep in mind all these tutorials were saying how their four and five year  old toddlers can do it with ease and I'm sure they can but i was cussing at the … [Read more...]

DIY Felt Flowers

Around the hoildays EVERYONE is crafting. Do you want to but feel like you suck at all DIY's well this is definitely where you need to be then !! You can do this & I'm about to explain it so dummy proof you will be excited. Fabric glue is the devil yall !! I have never found one that doesn't take all day to dry not to mention the sticky mess i always create with it sorry i just hate it !! So in my tutorials you will only find the amazing glue gun ! When i want to learn anything new i always go to pintrest to find me a great tutorial which i sometimes struggle with because i need 100% … [Read more...]