Essential Oil Vapor Rub.

Lately I have been creating in the kitchen & not much in my craft room. But I finally had a few minutes and my daughter loves to help me make different things and this one was perfect. I love creating with essential oils cause they really do help and smell amazing ! We live in GA where the weather has been crazy and my little's are either stuffy or have a runny nose ALWAYS. And this creation really helps and the kids actually let me use it !!! I use it to even the husband. So it's a win win for me. … [Read more...]

Andes Mint Cookies

Ya'll know by now I love every little holiday and see it as a fun way to do something special. I also do extra stuff for my kids and co-workers nothing major just some holiday cuteness. I have ya'll covered for St. Patrick's day with a green cocktail, lucky charm parfait and now these awesome Andes Mint cookies that are cute and good ! And always they are super EASY to make. … [Read more...]

Planner Printables + Giveaway.

I'm back with my 2nd giveaway and it's even better this time goodies + a $40 Kikki-K gift card !! And of course there are some awesome free printables !!! A Spring set and a cute black and white set. Very easy to print they are sized ready to print. I have been getting mine printed at staples cause they are cheap and fast. But you can also use a home prier easily. Use a cutting board to cut them out the best ! … [Read more...]

Avocado Granola Smoothie Bowl.

    If you haven't made or had a smoothie bowl yet you ARE missing out big ! Not only are they super packed with healtyness they are so good and so easy. I love drinking smoothies as well but I have fell in love with the smoothie bowl and the extra texture that comes with it. I normally save my smoothie bowls for the weekend I have extra time to enjoy my treat. … [Read more...]