September Goals Personal + Blog.

  Really !!! Already ??? Now don't get me wrong I'm glad because fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. But time is going by so fast it's kinda scary!! Every morning when u wake up my babies look older :( yikes !! Pre-kids time whet so much slower. I shared with you my last month goals and believe it or now I did really really well on those !! Go me ! … [Read more...]

For The Love of Coffee + Giveaway!

  I'm a all day coffee drinker not just in the mornings. I have a nine to five where I'm an administrative assistant. And then i have what I really love my blog. So I am definitely around the computer a lot. When you get together with someone for coffee its special and its a connection. I definitely enjoy talking with my mom while we have coffee.   But with that being said I'm always busy so its make me super clumsy. I met an amazing guy at The Mighty Mug and i'm definitely not skeptical anymore. This mug is awesome y'all !!!! It's cute, stylish, light and really does … [Read more...]

So Ready For Fall Ya’ll !

I live in Georgia most of y'all know that by now. This summer was HOT !!!! I mean like burn your feet when your barefooted and walk just to the car. And here in the country we stay barefooted. I am a true sun god and love summers but when its so pretty outside I feel like I want to be laying out in the sun, having fun & definitely not sitting @ my desk at work. But oh fall is my baby !! Yep I love it all everything about it. It seems like the air is fresh, I feel better and the kids enjoy every second of being outside when it's cooler temps out. Something about boots, a cute scarf and … [Read more...]