DIY Life Size Dice

We live in Georgia & if I'm not outside I'm not happy, I’m looking for any excuse to get my family outside. Lawn games are my favorite—we can set up in a small patch of grass and play for hours. This year I supersized one of our favorite dice games and took it outside. I made a giant set of dice for just a few dollars, and instead of sitting around the table, we’re taking our game out into the backyard. This giant DIY Yard set is quickly becoming our favorite backyard game yet! Check out the step-by-step tutorial to make your own below.  Life Size Dice: … [Read more...]

When My Kids Are Sick…

  We live in Georgia and the past few months the weather has been insane !!! 68 one day and snowing and ice at 22 the next. With all that mix and mess my kids have had a runny nose and all the head junk for to long !! But I can normally handle that with breathing treatments and good essential oils. But last week both kids got the stomach virus which I consider to be the worst of the worst ! … [Read more...]

The Next 365.

People fuss & fuss every year cause so many people make "New Year Resolutions". I actually love when people do this why not ? It gives you a new outlook & makes the new year more anticipated. If you miss the mark hey its okay at least you tried ! My # one resolution for this year is: STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO PERSONAL. I never used to be this fragile and here lately it's worse !! This is a major flaw for me !! It's like with my co workers and people that I dont know very well I take everything they say to personal. It's like maybe they did mean something by what they said but why do I … [Read more...]

Pinteresting Trees VS. Our Tree.

Everybody says I'm the opposite of OCD and normally that works out pretty well for me. I mean life is way to short to fold socks and worry about the dishes being lined up. Right ? Just kidding if your that way that's okay my best friend is. But it does come in handy when your kids want to be in total control of the Christmas tree ! In the years past I have never let them I always bought matching ornaments and placed where I wanted them and kinda let the kids hand them to me to hang etc... … [Read more...]