4 Layer Strawberry Dessert.

Not only is this dessert SO CUTE but it's also really good ! This is perfect for a baby/wedding shower or a cute birthday party. And I know at first look you may think that is to hard and takes way to much effort but I promise it's easy yall know I do EASY.  Take a few seconds and look at the directions you won't be sorry !! I have also made this just for me and my daughter for a special fun day treat. … [Read more...]

Good Morning Smoothie Bowl

Okay, I have so enjoy creating a few edible things lately I have always been a crafter not a cooker. I don't really have a specific thing I like to make. I see inspiration of something that's easy and fun and go from there. I'm not a 100% healthy eater I'm ALL about flavor ! But hey if it's healthy that's a plus right ? This year I did promise myself to eat a little better and I did add a vitamin and lot's more water to my diet so in all go me !!! … [Read more...]

Homegating Salmon Pepper Poppers.

FOOTBALL FOOD Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Stuffed Pepperoncini Holy amazing !!!! Your taste buds will score a touchdown !!! This is the perfect creation for game day !!! I live in GA so football is huge !!! We make it a gathering, party and even play cards in between sometimes. Yep and all the wife's and girlfriend's hogs the TV for the 1/2 time show !! Why not make it fun & create something amazing and eye catching ? Yes, beer and wings are AMAZING but have some good girl food the guys will love it to but won't admit it !! … [Read more...]

Sequins Spotlight #7

This week I have the mama behind Chocolate N Children featured !! Not only do I love connecting with other blogs I especially enjoy other moms that blog !! Her blog is great it has foodie post, giveaways, and all things lifestyle. In my thoughts a blogger is never "to big" to connect and enjoy others so let's show Jenny love today !!! … [Read more...]