Pretty Planner & Free Printables

**Picture above from Hello Pretty Planner Check her out !! Awesome Stuff ! Happy weekend right ?! I know I'm loving it ! It's my last one before the kids start back to school. As always I try to bring ya'll the best free printables weekly. Complete with dashboards and inserts. Everything this week in this post is PERSONAL size and ready to print that way. This week I included my fav daily insert I have made yet eekkkk I'm excited about it !! Ya'll let me know what's how what's not. So I can keep this updated to your liking each week. More input the better. The Insert above is AMAZING … [Read more...]

Your Free Planner Source

Hey ya'll !! Hope everyone had a good week once again it's almost Friday yay ! This week you find more daily insert and some cute dashboards, or printables to make dividers. As always tell me what ya'll are loving right now and the planner world and I will try my best to get it made. All my planner inserts and dashboards are printer ready and print to the size they need to be. for best results get printed at a office store or use higher grade paper and cute with straight razor board. Two different style on this one page.   Must do & circle what day it is. Mtw Tfs Snm Other … [Read more...]

Planner Peace + Free Inserts/Dashboards

** Get the awesome Planner Charm in the PIC above @ Peach.Pom & So many more to choose from !! Hey y'all I want Sequins in the South to be your go to planner source !! This week is my favorite hope you love all the inserts and Dashboards. I hope to keep giving y'all what's new and hot each week for free. As always I love to hear from y'all so tell me what you want to see. All you have to do is click on each insert/printable link below to be re-directed to the ready to print file.  … [Read more...]

Planner Addicts + Free Printables.

Hey y'all week 3 of free planner inserts and Dashboards !! I'm having fun making them hope y'all love them. This week everything is personal size. It prints true to size and you just cut with a cut board for best the best results. For Dashboards thicker the paper the better. Y'all keep me in the loop and let me know what's hot right now what you want and don't. 1. Pineapple One. 2. Pineapple Two. 3. Pineapple Three. 4. Social Media One. 5. Social Media Two. 6. Love This Life. 7. Gypsy Soul. Thanks so much for stopping by !!! … [Read more...]

Planner Passion + Free Printables

Hey y'all !!! My goal is to provided planner lovers a free source each week to get free Printables !! And I am always always open to suggestions on what your looking for. This week everything is "personal" or "medium" sized. Last week was my trail run and everything was A5 sized. A planner you can hold and make your on style will always be better than a digital one in my mind. This is daily planner inserts they print to "personal" size you just need to use a straight paper cutter. You simply write the date in the grey circle. Below are a few dashboards / dividers I hope that you love. … [Read more...]

No Longer That Woman.

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward. Wow ! So true right ? Sometimes in life you meet people that you think your lucky to have met. And then all of a sudden when it's to late you realize what you think is love is not love at all its purely obsession. Love is powerful but obsession is dangerous. I spent what were supposed to be some of the best years of my life trapped by my own mind and thoughts. I consider myself a "fixer" so maybe I stuck out all those years of hell thinking I could fix him. I won't go in to extreme detail but it was filled with nothing … [Read more...]