September Goals Personal + Blog.

  Really !!! Already ??? Now don't get me wrong I'm glad because fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. But time is going by so fast it's kinda scary!! Every morning when u wake up my babies look older :( yikes !! Pre-kids time whet so much slower. I shared with you my last month goals and believe it or now I did really really well on those !! Go me ! … [Read more...]

August Goals Blog + Personal

Okay, I'm jumping in on the fun of sharing my monthly goals for this month. I have seen so many bloggers doing this lately and  thought how neat and those post always caught my attention. So now its my trun and yall's trun to keep me in check with my goals to make them a reality. When I think of goals its always on a smaller scale I like to set goals that if I actually try and do them that I will complete rock it !!! … [Read more...]