The Next 365.

People fuss & fuss every year cause so many people make "New Year Resolutions". I actually love when people do this why not ? It gives you a new outlook & makes the new year more anticipated. If you miss the mark hey its okay at least you tried ! My # one resolution for this year is: STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO PERSONAL. I never used to be this fragile and here lately it's worse !! This is a major flaw for me !! It's like with my co workers and people that I dont know very well I take everything they say to personal. It's like maybe they did mean something by what they said but why do I … [Read more...]

PoP FiZz CLinK Giveaway

I love ringing in the New Year !! Everything is new and fresh and all the hustle and bustle from the hoildays are gone !! Yay !! I never put myself on a strict diet and i've really never came up with "resolutions" I just like when the clock hits 12 I'm with people i love. So let's have some New Years Eve party fun and win a $50 VISA card !!! a Rafflecopter giveaway So who is hosting a New Years Eve Party? I like going to one close to home that is adult and kid friendly. I live in a Tiny town in Georgia about an hour away from Atlanta so i have definitely had my fair share of … [Read more...]